Italk saves the day!

Just imagine you went out to a mamak stall and upon reaching your pocket you found out that you have left your handphone at home. I know a few would stay and said “oh it’s ok” but I know for some that would just rushed home – just too scared to leave their handphone behind. Let’s face it, in the new era of technology, handphone is an essential tool to keep you connected – One would simply feel incomplete if they don’t have it along with them. Heck, even a cleaner or maid have one of those nowdays – and they can watch TV with it too!


Let’s face it, we have too many providers offering their so called best affordable services to all. But if you are a person like me, you would try to find an alternative cheaper solution to your needs.

And here is where the ITalk from Telekom kicks in!

I bought one quite some time ago during their RM0.25 per minute promotion call from mobile to mobile (the promotion is still valid by the way) for RM10 and since then, had helped me to save better on phonecalls.

It’s actually very easy. Just purchase the card (also acts as a starter pack if you are wondering) that comes in RM10, RM20 or Rm50. There will be a self guide at the back of the card with a toll free number to register from either landline or mobile phones. It’s pretty self explanatory so I think I’ll just skip that part here.

To start using, first you need to dial the toll free number and wait for a callback. Once you received the callback, you can start dialing the number of the recepient and press # (don’t press dial button on your phone or else it will initiate a conference call and you would waste your mobile bill for nothing). And that’s it, start talking 🙂

But of course, with every cost saving features (well, most of them anyway, not all) there will be drawbacks and there’s no exception to this one either.

First, you need to remember the number that you wish to dial before calling the Italk toll free number.

Second, due to the Italk automated response system, there is no time for you to switch to your phonebook whilst Italk is waiting for you to response back with the number (I personally have a small span of memory to remember things quickly – hence when I open my phonebook, I will only remember the first 6 or 7 digits / eg. 012-123… / and need to switch back to phone, and then back to phonebook to get the remaining entries, which, at this point of time the Italk system will announce the number is incomplete or something and I would need to start over again). So the best thing is to have  a pen and paper handy to write down that number!

Third, I’m not sure if it’s a unique case with my phone, but when I’m low on battery, it seems that the automated Italk system failed to hear what I dialled, and kept giving me an incorrect result – forcing me to dial straight from my mobile operator instead. There are also a few circumstances where the other party did not hear me clearly and vice versa, but I guess that’s conditional and subjective to the mobile operator line quality and strength – so I have nothing to say much about it (although I know how much we like to rant about Telekom and TMNet) 😛

I heard there’s a new pack with a sticker which you stick on your SIM card, and that you can actually dial straight from your phonebook to ITalk, although I have not tried that myself and found it’s a bit paranoid to stick something straight to your SIM card… I mean, who knows what else it can do!

Calling mobile to mobile is cheap, and mobile to TM landline is cheaper, I usually get around 40 minutes talktime on a RM10 ITalk card, compared to roughly RM14 or more if I were to use my mobile operator normal rate.

I am a prepaid user, therefore by using ITalk, I can save more. There had been numerous promoters tried talking me into getting a postpaid line, but I refused as my bill is lower than their minimum subscribed plan per month.

If you are a prepaid user or just need to save some bucks on the long run, then ITalk is the smart way to save 🙂



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