Old school MMORPG ‘Outside’

Anyone tried it before?


Well searching, I found this awesome F2P mmorpg game. Basically you take the role of a normal civilian, whose story and life depends on the actions you choose.


  • Job System (Over 20+ jobs including butcher, policemen, thief, truck driver and many more)
  • Unique Gameplay (Become a good or bad cop, turn into a master thief, buy clothes and business. Other features improve this amazing gameplay.)
  • PVP System (Engage in job wars such as company’s fighting for the market or if your a cop, trying to fight off the villains and thieves. Each job has a rival job meaning each job has some sort of unique pvp nothing like the other jobs.)
  • Aging system (You can choose to start as a teenager earning their qualifications in school and doing chores and homework. You can be a good child that does everything correctly or a rebel/devil child who does mischievous things such as setting your neighbors cat on fire. Each day counts as a week, so you’ll constantly aging and based on your looks as a child, you’ll see yourself developing such as facial hair and height.)
  • Face Mapping (Take a close-up of your face and send it into the face mapping npc in game. Your face will then appear on your character as photo-realistic as possible.

Overall I would give this game 9.5/10 due to the fun original ideas, real time weather system and also the amazing game play and graphics. The job system has to be played to be believed.

Well, those were the extracts that were taken from Lowyat.net – if you were thinking where’s the link to download this awesome game, then head over here!



3 Responses to “Old school MMORPG ‘Outside’”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t make enough money to play this game

  2. reviews Says:


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  3. runescape,mmorpg,gold guide Says:

    runescape,mmorpg,gold guide…

    […]Old school MMORPG ‘Outside’ « Neato4u's Blog[…]…

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