Too many dividers / sections on taskbar

I ran through this problem today where there is an additional dividers / section on my taskbar.


Usually to get rid of this, I just reboot / restart my computer, but as I was in the middle of something important, I just can’t risk to turn it off nor have the time to wait for this to happen.

So here’s an easy way to resolve it.

  • First, you need to right click on an empty space on your taskbar and disable ‘lock the taskbar’
  • Then right click on an empty taskbar space again, and select task manager
  • Find ‘explorer’ under process tab and click on ‘End process’ button on the lower right hand side.
  • When you do that, your taskbar along with your START button will dissapear. Now click on File > Run
  • Type in ‘explorer’ on the RUN field
  • And you should have your normal taskbar back!


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