Turn any photos into a HDR!

The latest trend in photographing is HDR which stands for High Dynamic Range. You can view the wiki here if you want to know more about it. And I was totally blown away when i saw my first HDR photo – and was wondering how I could make one out?

I stumbled across Redynamix which is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro that enable normal single 8bits images to be converted into HDR with just a few simple clicks.




after RedynaMix’xed…

And that picture was taken with a 1.3MP cameraphone with no auto focus! You can actually see more details to it – eg. the grass and trees – Just imagine if you have an actual digicam or even an DSLR, I am sure the result would be much better.

After fiddling with it, I found that some photos does not look that nice when HDR is applied. For some reason it causes lots of shadows on a person’s face (I’ll update a sample of this later) – although you can actually set levels and such, but for a n00b like me – I just can’t get it right no matter what I do (I guess this method still can’t replace the manual HDR method which is made by 3 different photos with different exposures)

But here’s a handy tip before converting your photos to HDR using Redynamix.

Use noise removal tools on your photo if the result looks grainy – Here’s one which I like – Noiseware – or if you are using a digital camera, set your ISO to 100 to avoid noise generation. Your HDR images will shows at it’s best if the original have no noticable noises.

So what are you waiting for? Go here to check out Redynamix!



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