World’s largest USB flash drive

How technology had grown – I still remember when I had a 128MB USB Flash Drive. It wasn’t much, but enough to keep me running without floopies.

I heard of 16GB USB Flash Drives, and how the price had dropped – but with the demands in these niche devices, Kingston had managed to raise the storage capacity even further. We are not looking at 32GB or 64GB, but a whooping 128GB storage device! Will this be the end of portable hard disks?


Currently priced at $546.00 (that’s RM1911 roughly!) – that is damn expensive! But then again, who else is offering this small beast beside Kingston? And we all know to grab the latest technology, that’s the (HUGE) price you’d have to pay.

It currently comes with a 5 years warranty – and there’s no release date yet for it to become available in Malaysia (and based on it’s price tag, I can ensure it’s not going to be that soon either).

Oh well, looks like it’s back to portable hard disk for the time being….

Full specs here.



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