Michael Jackson died at 50

First of all, thank Allah that he died AFTER he joined Islam.

“Remember the time…” – And yes I still remember when I was small, mu mom bought me a Michael Jackson album on cassette. I would then play it out loud and dance to it inside my room. When I was still a kid that is…


Heard from the radio today whilst driving to work that Michael Jackson is dead. Reports on the internet said he was healthy and was actually preparing for his next concert, and all of a sudden had a heart attack. But then who would expect or knows (except for God / Allah the Mighthy) that his time is up.

inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raajiunfrom Him we come and to Him we shall return“.

Goodbye Mikaeel.

Read more here : Sky News / ABC / or Google up! It seems that a lot of websites was down due to excessive search for MJ news all over the Internet. In fact, Tweeter disabled their search engine as the loads were just too huge for their puny server to handle…



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