Stable RealVGA for Samsung i780

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I just got a new phone yesterday, a brand new Samsung I780 PDA. Comes with most modern functionalities that you could find in today’s gadget such as 3G, HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth, a 2MP Camera (don’t expect much!), QWERTY keyboard (I just love this), a 4GB microSD card, and of course, GPS. Best of all, it comes with a light price tag of RM950 and overall a quite feature packed pda with a budget price (go google if you don’t believe me).

The Samsung i780

As I would normally do with all my new phones – It’s time for some serious modification. And to start off, here’s the famous RealVGA patch that works well with the Samsung I780.

If you are wondering what’s the use of RealVGA? Perhaps you need to know that the i780 have an uncommon resolution display of 320 x 320 (reminds me of my old Palm Treo 650). Common Windows Mobile phones have a resolution of 320 x 240, hence caused the compatibility issues with some applications (eg. jagged graphics, out of proportion display, etcs).

Are we glad to have those people at XDA-DEVELOPERS (they are really nice folks and community driven) that came up with a perfect working RealVGA for the i780. You can visit their thread HERE (do register to enable download RealVGA – it only takes a minute), and I just love the outcome after applying the 96dpi patch.

Some samples below, enjoy!
* Left is without RealVGA / Right is RealVGA with 96dpi*




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