Dell sells 19″ LCD for RM53!

Now why didn’t I know about this? If not I would be one of the lucky chap and run away with a RM53 Dell 19″ LCD monitor.. or I might think like a chinaman once in a while and buy those in bulk, and make big profits by selling them back at a standard price.


Well, anyhow.. That’s what happened to Dell Taiwan when they have accidentaly marked the LCD tag for NT$500 (US15 / RM53 roughly) on their online catalogue which resulted in a whopping 140,000 orders!

The Taiwanese consumer regulators demanded that Dell keep their promises (or face the taiwanese dark side power 😛 ), so far Dell has responded that they will compensate the buyers for the mistake – however it is not clear whether they are still going to honour the US15 price tag or make out something else to cover their loss.

I wonder what will happen to the webmaster who wrongly updated the price.. hiding under his desk perhaps 😛


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3 Responses to “Dell sells 19″ LCD for RM53!”

  1. Julnoel Says:

    Technically they dont have to! 🙂 I learnt in law class that its only an invitation to treat and its not actually a legally binding contract. Either Dell Taiwan is so poor it doesnt have lawyers or :/ its just bodoh or its just trying to fool some customers. I have no idea 🙂


  2. neato4u Says:

    hey that’s good info julnoel, Dell should hire you to be one of their lawyer perhaps 😉

  3. Julnoel Says:

    haha. im not a law student 😛 just learnt it in one of the classes in college

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