RealVGA caused inability to turn on speakerphone

I just realized that having RealVGA installed actually messed up the speakerphone menu during video call on my Samsung i780.

It was actually worst before that, I wasn’t able to initiate nor answer any video call after I installed RealVGA. There are quite some tips on the internet that suggest you to disable the phone skin in order to make it work, but in my case, it half worked. I was able to answer video call, but still wasn’t able to initiate one. Until I contacted the developer on Xda-developers, Xyam was kind enough to share his tailor made video dialer skin which solves the issue (check it out here).

Then again, I wasn’t able to turn on speakerphone if someone were to video call me. My first thought was to find a registry tweak / hack that could enable speakerphone automatically when someone called. Unfortunately there isn’t any – so I tried to find my way tweaking the registry myself but failed. Finding third party softwares that could turn speakerphone on automatically wasn’t hard, but all of it just refused to run on the i780.

However, I remembered this useful application which can help you to re-route audio on Windows Mobile – after a quick search, I ended up to Teksoftco website and downloaded Audioroute 1.2.020. By using this freeware, I was then able to enable speakerphone in video calls via the third party software without any issues.


Oh, and you can actually use it for VOIP as well, by routing speakerphone audio to the handset, and vice versa. It’s really a nice handy tool to have, and after soft reset, the application will start itself up automatically and place a small ‘S’ icon just beside your start button that acts as a launcher to the routing tools.



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