i780 volume tweaks

I do not have any issues with the audio quality of the Samsung i780. But hey, these tweaks from i780.wordpress.com might come in handy, especially for a hardcore modder / tweaker like me who just love to fiddle around with everything which I could find.

To enter the MIRAGE audio control – press your green phone button and enter these either by the onscreen keypad or on the keyboard : *#0002*28346#


Once you press the last symbol (#), phone will automatically enter the audiocontrol MIRAGE menu. You also need to turn the phone on to access this function (not sure why?). You will see the following once you get it right…


As you can see, there is a bunch of audio options configurations available for the i780. From the handset to the speakerphone up to Bluetooth settings.

I havn’t played much with it, but based on the i780.wordpress.com explanation – TX controls how loud people will hear you, and RX controls how loud you can hear people.

I have attached the default settings here, in case you want to do some tweaks – the default settings would come in handly for restoration.

Menu > Normal > Handset

DAC : 0 dB
SPK : -4.5dB
MPBST : +30dB
RBST : +20dB
RVOL : 1.5dB

I have tweaked mine so that I can hear people better, and vice versa. These are my settings (you can adjust further if you are brave enough!) :

headset tweak

Menu > Normal > Headset

DAC : -6dB
HP : -15dB
MPBST : +24dB
RBST : +20dB
RVOL : 1.5dB

Menu > Talking > Handset

RCV : -6dB
RX : -6dB
MPBST : +12dB
MVOL : 0dB
M2BST : +0dB
TX : -6dB

Menu > Talking > Earjack

RCV : -7.5dB
RX : -6dB
MPBST : +12dB
MVOL : 0dB
M2BST : +0dB
TX : -6dB

Menu > Talking > Speakerphone

RCV : -4.5dB
RX : -6dB
MPBST : +12dB
MVOL : -6dB
M2BST : +0dB
TX : -6dB

Menu > Talking > BTMono

ADCV : -5.25dB
RX : -6dB
V2M : -9dB
TX : -9dB

Menu > AC97

Address : 00
Value : 0000 (greyed out)
Mask : FFFF
New Value : (blank)

P/S : Remember to hit ‘apply’ to store the settings 🙂




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