Skyfire – best Windows Mobile browser

If you are a heavy surfer on your mobile like myself, you might want to grab hold of a freeware (at this time being) called Skyfire.

skyfire in action 1

It works great on the i780 – and RealVGA really add spice to it by allowing more details to fit with it’s 96dpi hack.

When Skyfire claims ‘..browser that gives you a Web browsing experience exactly like PC browsing’ – it actually does that. Youtube videos play without any buffers, javascript worked great,  and it’s ‘kinda’ fast as well (I must say with my experience, Opera Mobile is faster, but hey – to have all those nifty features onboard, that’s a small thing to rant).

skyfire youtube

Zooming in on youtube videos still gives you an impressive video fps output. Although I tried to push the ‘fullscreen’ button on the flv player, that doesn’t work unfortunately.

imeem skyfire

Here’s IMEEM in action. Music plays ok on speakerphone. There is also a button there to adjust your volume or to mute it from the browser. I did not test the audio quality via headphones yet – but from the speakerphone audio, I think it’s been downsampled.

There is a few times where it kept me clicking over and over again on a same link / button before Skyfire recognize and loads the link. Otherwise there will be a small round indicator on the top right corner indicating it’s doing something and then just kept quiet without loading any pages.

Upon loading Skyfire, it appeared to connect to it’s server or whatever and try to authenticate the browser before loading up website. I had it for a few times where it says authentication failed and just exited out. There is no ‘stop’ button (or I just can’t find where it’s hidden) to stop loading pages and I must say I like the zoom features in Pixel browser better than Skyfire (where you need to press the zoom button and then press either the + or – icon to zoom in or out). Don’t get me wrong but you can still zoom in by double clicking on a section of the page, but it just zooms in from say 10% to 50% then 90% of the actual size, and upon double clicking again will revert back to the fullscreen (or 10%) view. I think I just love to have some sort of more manual control of it (well, hopefully they will implement that on their next update).

I have also tried this on Dopod D810 or known as the HTC Trinity and it works as well. Although not as fast as the i780 because the D810 have a lower processing speed 400Mhz and lower amount of RAM (64MB) which Skyfire will drain in no time. It’s best if you have at least 128MB of RAM on your device to prevent crashes and out of memory issues.

I love it, and you will to – so head over to their OFFICIAL WEBSITE and download a copy today!



2 Responses to “Skyfire – best Windows Mobile browser”

  1. With Hotlink prepaid, the Internet is anywhere! « Neato4u's Blog Says:

    […] web browsers that are capable to render websites as if you are using a personal computer (eg. Skyfire / Opera / Piscel browser).. I personally don’t think people would pay RM3 just to open […]

  2. neato4u Says:

    Some update guys, it looks like Skyfire have restricted their server to the rest of the world. So it’s back to Opera and long live Opera!

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