Charged US$23 Quadrillion @ a Mobil Station!

Imagine that you are driving an old 1996 Sedan, and stops by a Mobil station at Manchester  to fill up your tank using your debit card – Let’s say around $30 bucks, and then drives off and forgot about the receipt. A few hours later you stopped by at an ATM machine to check your balance and saw your that you have been charged a whopping US$23 Quadrillion or if I were to put it on figures : $23,148,855,308,184,500 in overdraft!


I bet Warren Buffett or Bill Gates would faint if they saw that amount of overdraft on their account as well 😛

Well, that’s what happened to Josh Muszynski, unfortunately. Not sure if it was a bank error or what – but news said that he engaged with the bank for a couple of hours before they got it corrected the next day.

And you know what – The Bank of America was cheeky enough to add in a $15 overdraft charge on top of that 🙂

Read more about it HERE.



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