Google Chrome Operating System?

After Android, Google is stepping up once again, now to challenge Microsoft with it’s Google Chrome Operating System (OS).

is this Google OS?

“The software architecture is simple — Google Chrome running within a new windowing system on top of a Linux kernel”

Picture above is unofficial – and looks like an Ubuntu UI, however Google did mentioned that it’s going to run on top of Linux, so I have no comments on that.

They said that the current OS (fingers pointing at Microsoft) is old and rusty. Where it was created before the Internet era and was not designed for it- so they need a new OS – which focuses on the Internet primarily, with almost every computers in the world have internet access – so the new OS would boot up and take you to the World wide Web in seconds – eliminates viruses and malwares… typically the perfect environment for the current needs.

I heard them saying, who needs video player anymore when you connect to the internet, you will have YouTube and stuffs, emails are replaced by Gmail, this are replaced by these.. etc etcs.

So you need to be online 24×7 in order for the OS to work? What if your ISP is down? Or what if you’re working on an important document and suddently your modem goes into smoke, fried by lightning – would you lose all connectivity to the OS functionalities?

If that’s the case, I’m sticking to the ol Microsoft still…

Have a read HERE.



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