Video Shooting Tips – Check your gadgets often!

A few days ago I volunteered for a 3days wedding video shoot – just for the sake of experience and exposures of course.

panasonic nv-gs33

I came equipped with not the latest gadgets – an old but reliable Panasonic NV-GS33 (which was borrowed from my bro) that shoots on MiniDV tapes, a 60 minutes MiniDV tape, and a tiny standard battery (that often kept me running back indoors to recharge).

It’s not that I never did any wedding shots before, but this time I made the worst mistake of all…

Actually it’s a bless that I volunteered and do this for free – and that the case actually happened – it’s an unforgettable experience – and thought me not to ever repeat the same mistake again… (hopefully!)

I ended up with 15 minutes of worthless shots. Why? Because at one point, I did not check my viewfinder for the ‘REC‘ status and stopped recording when I shoot, and records when I don’t shoot.

bad shooting

Kinda reversed the recording process.

During editing, I was shocked to see footage of peoples foot, and camera recording upside down. I can hear my own voice telling the people to get prepared for the shots.. and a couple of seconds later, the scene was cutted. And all I can hear is myself thanking these people, and was again shooting to the ground.

If you’re shooting videos, ¬†check your gadgets – often! When you want to record something, check your viewfinder and make sure that it does!



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