Remote Desktop in Windows Mobile

What happen if you only have 1 PC at home, and both you and your wife need to use it at the same time? Well.. if you have a Windows Mobile device, both of you can (sort of) use it simultaneously via Remote Desktop.

remote desktop windows mobile

Here’s how…

Now, I am taking that you are using Windows XP SP2 or SP3 (Not sure if this will work on Vista, but of course,  you can always Google around) and that you use WIFI to connect from your Windows Mobile device.

First of all, go HERE to download WM6 if by any chance your Windows Mobile device does not come equipped with Remote Desktop client (check the 4th post).

remote desktop in windows mobile

After that, go HERE and download & install the Terminal Server Patch. As described “This patch will enable two or more concurrent sessions in Windows XP PRO Service Pack 2 (SP2) and Service Pack 3 (SP3) if you have FAST USER SWITCHING enabled, and your windows is NOT in a domain.

After installation, reboot your PC. Now create a new user by going to Start > Control Panel > User Accounts and create a new user (in this case I’m naming it as ‘mobile’), assign a password – as sometimes RDP will not allow you to login if there is no password specified.

rdp windows mobile config

Next, open Remote Desktop on your Windows Mobile device and key in your computer name under ‘Computer’, and fill up the username and password of the new user account you have just created.

rdp WM in action

Once done, click Connect, and you will logon as ‘mobile’ on your computer. The primary user can still logon as normal on PC and will not be affected. So both of you can use the PC simultaneously.

However, you will have a smaller screen resolution on your device, so there will be a lot of tap and pan going on (unless your device supports larger resolution – then you’re in for a treat).

Remote desktop is able to stream audio’s straight to your device as well. It works ok with the Samsung i780, but tend to get choppy if I run WMP in the background. I can even play video files and watch it on the i780 with minor framerate loss, just that the 8bit color restriction produces vertical lines along the videos. So I will say it’s best for previewing videos on your device if you do not have access to the PC yet.

On a near full charge i780, I was able to squeeze about 4 hours of battery life while connected to Remote Desktop via WIFI which is quite impressive (I have also tested this with Dopod D810 / HTC Trinity which only gives me only an hour plus before the battery went dead).



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