Video Shooting Tips (Part2) – Create slow motions from normal .avi and reduce camera shake

You might still remember a few weeks back – I volunteered to be a wedding videographer (with some minor hiccups).

I spent my free time editing those footages on my computer with Sony Vegas (I’m a newbie) but had some issues creating slow motion clips (I had no issue when I used Pinnacle Studio Plus before). For some reason, the slow motion clips were very choppy although the frame-per-second (fps) were set high.

dynapel motionstudio

Fortunately I stumbled across Dynapel Motionperfect that can create slow motion videos from normal .avi files. It’s very easy to use and more importantly get the jobs done.

And, I found another Dynapel product which can eliminate shakey cams as well.

It’s called Dynapel SteadyHand and you can download the trial version from HERE. At the moment, their website is down and all I can see is their Apache standard start page, but you may head over to once it is up again to check their latest version.

What SteadyHand does is it reduces your video shake (from your Non Steady Hand(s)!) – sometimes it even eliminates it, just like if you were on a tripod. It works really well for me on normal settings, and gives you the pro feeling even though a low to mid end videocamera was used to take the shots (the built in stabilizer on these devices cannot be compared with those high ends models).

Although more time is needed to render these footages (unless you have more money to buy those super expensive high end videocams), but hey, it still works doesn’t it.



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