Record phone conversations automatically on your Windows Mobile

The guys at XDA-Developers had done it again. Although there were numerous other softwares which can automatically record your phone calls – they lack one important feature, which is to record the other party conversation in non-speakerphone mode.

auto call recorder for windows mobile

Well, this one does it without you turning the speakerphone on. And it works very well with the Samsung i780 (as well as other WM devices out there!)

The only prerequisite is that you are required to install .NET Compact Framework 3.5 Redistributable which can be found HERE.

Then, download the ACR program .cab file from the XDA-Developer thread HERE (you need to be registered as a member before you can download – but it’s easy and only takes about 5 minutes or less to do so).

There’s these extensive elaboration of the application on the developer thread. But I’ll keep it short, nice, and simple here.

  • Make sure .NET 3.5 had been successfully installed on your device
  • Copy Auto Call Record (ACR) .cab file into your storage card
  • Open File Explorer and run the .cab file
  • Select install to device (developer said you can install it on your card as well, but it’s so tiny hence you won’t even notice)
  • Once that is done, browse via File Explorer to your storage card
  • Create one new folder titled ‘Calls’
  • Soft reset your device
  • Open Auto Call Record from Start > Program
  • Set the Folder to save calls in as : \Storage Card\Calls\ (refer to first pic posted)
  • Go under Recording tab
  • You may set those values yourself, or you may refer to my configs as below :

ACR settings


You might want to do a test call and see if that works 🙂



3 Responses to “Record phone conversations automatically on your Windows Mobile”

  1. dic Says:

    hi bro, i have problem with this app, when i use it (make call) than my phone turn off to stanby, this app wont work or stop working, can i have long recording call with this app

  2. dic Says:

    tnx before

  3. JW MIUI-9July ROM – Call Recording « Neato4u's Blog Says:

    […] I have previously covered ‘call recording‘ on Windows Mobile before. So if you’re looking for that, please head over > HERE < […]

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