I want to be a Videographer

I have been busy editing videos for these past few days (and that’s to explain the lack of updates on this site :P). With these resource hungy video editing applications, my AMD64 takes around 4 hours just to process a 15 minutes worth of edited clips – But I DO need to mention that it’s bloated with multiple video and picture enchancements with multiple plug-in’s (I may need to limit these in future, unless I own an Intel Core i7…)

Well, as I’ve been busy editing, I found out that my videos were far from the standard quality these days. I must say I am very impressed with HD Video Cameras which produces videos far superior than mine.

So I done some research to get myself the latest decent gadgets, but trust me, it’s not cheap…


This is the Panasonic HDC-TM300. Rated as a prosumer HD Camcorder that captures HD videos. And this is not the only gadget that you will need if you were to become a videographer!

The Panasonic HDC-TM300 (upon Googling) is around RM 4499.


If you are serious, you won’t stick with kit (out of the box) lens. So a decent Raynox HD-6600 43mm 0.66x Pro Wide Angle Lens will cost you another RM 420.


You need to remember that you are going to shoot indoors as well, so a decent Lumiere L60182 Portable Video Light Kit will add in RM 350 into the budget.


When you think the built in Optical Image Stabilizer of the HDC-TM300 is not sufficient – That’s where you should get a Merlin Steadycam for those Hollywood smooth style flycam – which will set you back  roughly RM 3041 (Add a bit more and you’ll get another Panasonic HDC-TM300!).


Of course, a cheaper alternative is to get yourself a Glidecam HD1000 Stabilizer System which is 1/3 of the price of Merlin at RM 1225.

So we’re talking about RM 8310 in total, which is expensive for my liking. I will continue to research the best value for money products that offers decent results as a replacements to these expensive gadgets on my future blog.

But of course, to all professionals out there – do drop me some tips and comments if you have any cost saving tips! 🙂



2 Responses to “I want to be a Videographer”

  1. vinod Says:

    Send me the complete detail of steadicam how to use,about training,costing in indian currency if anyone dealer [deal in india]

    • neato4u Says:

      Hi Vinod, well if you’re looking for a ‘easier’ alternative, try Sony Vegas. It has built in ‘stabilizer’ function, pretty easy. Try the demo / evaluation version first before buying. This is of course, the digital stabilizer, hence the quality is not comparable with Merlin Steadycam. I’m not selling these! So I think you’re better off ‘Googling’ for it on eBay or such. All the best!

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