Audio Notes Touch for Windows Mobile

I had this nifty application on my Palm Treo several years ago which can record audio on a press of a button. Now that I have a Windows Mobile based phone, I came across Audio Notes Touch that does the same thing.

Audio Notes Touch

It comes with an Iphone like interface with a very clean black GUI. I found it to be a bit incompatible with the Samsung i780 mouse as it leaves some trailmarks across the screen during interactions (however, I do have RealVGA installed, so it could fall back to that) – but of course, it’s just a minor issue and you could always use the touchscreen to navigate.

audio notes touch for windows mobile

The main screen shows lists of recorded files. It will show nothing except the 3 buttons that you see below during first startup as nothing had been recorded yet.

voice recorder for windows mobile

Clicking the menu icon on the far right reveals another simple menu. File, Settings, and Cancel. The first button on the left is of course, the record button.

record audio on pda

A full set of options is shown by clicking on Settings. For me, the ‘Calls autorecord’ function does not work with the i780. Neither does the ‘Speakerphone’ function (again, it maybe device specific) – So I have disabled them as I already have the Auto Call Record (ACR) software installed.

Audio Notes Touch is equipped with a ‘Mic Auto Gain’ function which works very well, producing clear and crisp audio even on MP3 medium quality settings (and yes, it encodes direct to MP3 = smaller file size).

quick record audio on windows mobile

Selecting Quick Record doesn’t actually initiate recording immediately. Instead it opens up a menu to assign a Quick Record button on your device. I’ve tried mapping it on my GPS button, and it worked straight away.

audio notes touch in action

If you have an external storage card, the application is smart enough to store these recorded files directly to it. You will find those on \Storage Card\My Documents\My Audio Notes

I was impressed by the capability to append audio files. That made things easier for me to add extra notes within a file without having to create another file.

The verdict? Although Audio Notes Touch call record capability does not work with the i780 – This is still worth keeping!

Head over HERE to download.



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