Skype works great on Samsung i780

I did some test with Skype the other day and it worked great with WIFI on the Samsung i780 with RealVGA installed.

skype on windows mobile

Oh, in case you do not know, Skype is a Peer2Peer (P2P) application that allows you to chat via text and voice – just like your normal phone, to another Skype user.

The only issue I had was not able to change the ringtone (which is capable on PC platform) 😛

Come in to read my basic review and download the application for free on your Windows Mobile and Symbian devices.

There’s an extensive sets of emoticons provided. This  should keep chatters busy expressing themselves 🙂

skype WM chat

Making outbound calls was easy, and the phone rings when there is an incoming call. The only drawback is that it will automatically turn on your speakerphone. I’ve tried using AudioRoute to route it via handset, but unfortunately it does not work with Skype – however, it could be a device specific issue.

skype WM screenshot

Calls were loud and clear – and for a second, I’ve forgotten that I was using Skype instead of my normal Mobile Provider!

I don’t use Skype very much, but this one is definately a keeper and with its  good VoIP service 🙂

Go ahead and download it HERE for Windows Mobile users. You may also get Skype Lite for Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson phones HERE. There are also Symbian version (not sure if Skype Lite is Symbian), but you can always visit their homepage to check their latest updates.



3 Responses to “Skype works great on Samsung i780”

  1. Hung Says:

    Hi, I could not find version for i780, may be Skype has removed it.
    Could you please send me a copy via my email.

    Thanks, Hung,

  2. annelise Says:

    how should i download it?

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