With Hotlink prepaid, the Internet is anywhere!

If some of you were wondering why this site was dead for quite some time, it’s because WordPress had accidentally frozen my account due to a system error. I don’t think it’s a common issue (maybe they liked my blog so much) 🙂 And yes they have apologized – so it’s not a big deal.

Anyway I have good news for Hotlink prepaid customers. Internet on your mobile, at an (almost) affordable cost.

hotlink internet promo

Ok let’s be honest, for me, I personally think it is still a little bit pricey – but hey, at least you could use it for emergency purposes and yes I have ran through those ’emergency’ situations without any success in finding any internet services nearby – it’s very frustrating!

And I am glad to know now that I can access the internet, at ease, with my mobile – at a slightly cheaper rate of course 😉

At the moment, the standard rate is based on the old per per use per kB download, which is 1 sen/kB (peak). Although this is considered as OK back in the year 2000 when people are using Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) on their phones to access the mini-scaled version of the internet – But looking at present, with mobile web browsers that are capable to render websites as if you are using a personal computer (eg. Skyfire / Opera / Piscel browser).. I personally don’t think people would pay RM3 just to open https://neato4u.wordpress.com/ !

An example of a website on WAP.

So Maxis or Hotlink eventually noticed that their prepaid users would also like to use the internet even though they were on a controlled budget – To be exact, I have sent an email to Hotlink long before Celcom introduced their mobile broadband (more like a dial up speed to me) prepaid – telling them if they were to implement a prepaid internet package to existing or new prepaid users (with reasonable price of course), they would greatly benefit from the service!

Now I am not sure how Celcom implemented this first instead of Maxis? Maybe the email admin decided to throw my email away and one of the Celcom guys were able to sniff the good stuffs from far and implement it a couple of years after (yes it was that long ago since I emailed them!).

But of course, they can always say it’s their own idea…

Well, with their new packages – It’s more to a local Malaysian cybercafe rate. You will get 1 hour mobile internet access by paying RM2 (with a 100mb limit quota – That’s 1.6MB+ / minute so don’t you get too excited with streaming that youtube videos on your mobile!).

hotlink internet

There is also a monthly based package whereby you just pay RM68 for a month (limited to 500MB download) – and that is a RIDICULOUS 16.6MB+ per day limit or 0.7MB per hour for 30 days.

Yes it is expensive – but a cheaper alternative for prepaid users in case of emergencies. Just remember to dial *100# and choose Maxis Mobile Internet instead of jumping to your usual 3G or GPRS data connection service in future 🙂

It is best to check the latest update of their rate and how-to by visiting their official website > HERE.



4 Responses to “With Hotlink prepaid, the Internet is anywhere!”

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  2. Eila Says:

    I bought maxis mobile internet yesterday .. but what happen was everytime i went to internet the web will go to hotlink webpage and asking me a username and password???..

  3. neato4u Says:

    Did you try this using a usb modem or your phone? What’s the web address / URL? It might just be their landing page or your browser default home site. Are you able to surf elsewhere after that?

  4. DSL bestellen Says:

    Thanks for the information..I had a hotlink service and facing some problem..Actually I was out of town and when came back my connection was cut off as I have not top up it from few months..Is it possible to reactivate it or I have to take new number? I have already given this number to many people..Please help!

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