Sharp X-Flat 21″ TV

Recently we bought a Sharp X-Flat 21″ CRT TV from Alamanda Putrajaya for RM499.

Alamanda Putrajaya Malaysia

Unfortunately we had to send the unit back 2 days after and get a full money back refund from Alamanda Carrefour. Here’s what happened..

Before we decided to close our deal with Sharp, both me and my wife (not to mention our little kid) went over to various places looking for the best CRT TV deal that we can find.

Sharp X-Flat

Unfortunately our searches didn’t progress that far as CRT TV’s are close to it’s extinction! The lot that we saw was some branded CCC or Haier which (unfortunately) wasn’t a known brand to us. So basically we ran out of selection, and Sharp won with it’s features such as the 21″ Flat screen, Surround Sound (virtual), Built in Antenna signal booster (it works, but don’t give too much hope on it), 1 RGB Component input, 2 AV inputs – and it works great when connected to my home computer for video editing.

TV and Monitor

The Sharp 21″ X-Flat, side-to-side with a muscular Dell 21″ Flatscreen Trinitron Monitor

It turned up ok until day 2 where I noticed a lot of interference on both sides of the screen. At first we thought it was an electromagnetic interference (that sub between tv and the monitor is magnetically shielded by the way), but it’s not. Tried switching to a different power port, and checked the antenna, but nothing seemed to get the interference away.

So it looks like the device is faulty and the tech’s at Carrefour Alamanda confirmed it.

We were lucky that it broke within 8 days of purchasing the product. There is a money return policy – so we got back that RM499 in cash!

So guys, if you plan to buy any electrical devices, ask if they have a 1 to 1 exchange or money return within a week if the device is found to be faulty. Always go for that extended warranty if available, and if they offer insurance (some offer against flood, theft, etcs) that would be better.

Where it is true that this might be a unique and not a common case – If we were to set the minor glitch aside, the Sharp 21″ performs really well in terms of picture quality.



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  2. neato4u Says:

    Well LED TV’s are the norm now. Just get yourself an LCD TV or Plasma if you’re tight on budget. Even my PC is using LED monitor nowdays and picture quality outperforms CRT for sure.

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