Edit your photos anywhere!

If you have the Internet and a web-browser, you can basically edit your photos on any computer without even installing any additional programs. And best of all, it’s free!

vignette tool on pixlr

Pictured here is Pixlr which have a nice set of tools similar to photoshop. Pixlr comes with simple, clean, and nice interface. You can draw, put texts, do simple adjustments such as sharpening, etcs, even apply several special effects to your photos (I love the Vignette tool!).

Here are several others that are worth to look at :

online image editor

The Online-Image-Editor is a basic photo editing tool. Their interface look a bit ugly, but simple (hate the ads!). Unfortunately you can’t draw (and they have imposed a certain file size / resolution limit to what you can upload and edit), but they have a function to create animation (I’m guessing it’s animated GIFs here) which (sorry!) in my personal view, does not bring much interest (maybe it would if we were in the late 90’s).

However, they have this cool Frame tool which add frame to your picture.

nice frame

It isn’t much, especially when you have a very limited sets of frame. But hey  – if you want to spice up your photos a bit, head over to the Online-Image-Editor and put a frame on 🙂

image editor

Pictured above is the Image Editor. It’s very simple, and still, you can’t draw with it – but there’s one nifty feature which I loved – the Image Editor have built in Cliparts and drawings on it!

image editor cliparts

It loads up quite fast as well on my browser, you might want to give it a try 😉


And here comes Picnik. One of the most popular online image editor on the Internet. It does take a while to load – I supposed it’s to do with it’s user interface – which is great. Easy to navigate and as you can see above, it can not only edit but you can create collages as well from your photos.

before autoexposure

Picnik comes with an exposure control function, which also have an AutoFix feature – that does not work for me! For some reason the AutoFix darken the image too much and I lose a lot of details.

after manual exposure

Fortunately it offers manual exposure controls as well. And it works great!

save features

Not to mention Picnik provides JPG compression and produces an estimated file size before you go ahead and save that photo back into your Hard Disk. Not so useful, but it’s there for your disposal.

 polaroid effect

Another one which offers good editing tools and several effects is DrPic. You can draw, edit, and even apply a polaroid effect to your photos. Applying this effect to your image in your website or blog would be a nice touch.

The only things I hate is the long loading time (slower than Picnik in my experience), but once you’re in, it’s worth it.


There’s also this AutoFix tool in DrPic to automatically enchance your photos. It lacks manual control (and it’s still in beta), but it works great so I have no issues with it.

I know there are dozens more of free online image editors out there – If you happen to come across any good free editing tools, feel free to drop a comment down below 🙂




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