Friday jokes?

As we are in the holy month of Ramadhan, I will skip Friday jokes and include an old but forgetful article that reminds us of the power of Allah – the God, the creator of the universe not only for our fellow Muslims out there, but for those who believed in the existance of God.

power of god

May god bless us all, Amin.

our good old earth

Let’s have a look at the good old Earth. Who can deny but say it is beautiful. The Earth, which surface spans 148 million km² land and 361 million km² water, is the home of (estimated by the US Census Bureau) 6.781 billion peoples – Praise God the All-Mighty that gave us life on this beautiful temporary place. Why is it temporary? In Islam, the earth is not our home – it is a stepping stone – a journey to the eternal Paradise.

From this point of view, comparison with the moon – yes, the Earth is much bigger, definately.

earth compared to other planets

But if you think the Earth is big, just compare it with the other planets on our solar system. Seen above is Uranus and Neptune. Uranus volume is 63 times bigger than Earth. And to really think that the earth is small, an SR-71 Blackbird jet (top speed of 6560km/h) only need around 6.1 hours to travel around the world.

Have you ever wondered how old is the Earth that we are living on? There had been a lot of answers so far that includes Radiometric techniques which estimates earth is about 4.54 billion years old, while some Christians and those of the Jewish believe the world to be about 4000 to 6000 years old based in part of their Bible and interpretation data.

the earth and large planets

This image clearly shows that our planet is just a tiny rock in the far side of the universe. Jupiter, which is the fifth planet on our solar system – if made hollow – could fit more than one thousand Earths inside!

Based on Islam itself does not have an actual age of the Earth, leaving that knowledge to God all-Knowing. Although the Quran does describe the creation of the universe in six-days (also described under Genesis 1) . however, in other passages it indicates that a “day” to us is different than a “day” in God’s reckoning of time – If that is not clear, then answer this : How can a day be counted before the sun and earth even existed?

Based on Man-made theory – and Wikipedia which believe that the earth is about 5 billion years old, there was a recent observation by Hubble Space Telescope that indicates the earth and the rest of the Universe have the same age – which is contrary to what astronomers believed before. Which was clearly written in the Quran in Surah 7 – Al A’raf THE HEIGHTS :

007.054 Your Guardian-Lord is God, Who created the heavens and the earth in six days

the sun and the earth compared

Compared with the Sun, which is a star in the center of our solar system (so big that it accounts 99.86% of the solar system  mass) – is the Earth, which is now a pixel in size – like a dust in space. Yet there are peoples who think they are big and powerful? Have faith in God, and you will not – if God willing.

star sirius compared to the sun

Sirius star – the brightest star in the night sky – is like a tiny dot to our naked eye – Is actually far bigger and brighter when compared to the sun

pollux compared with sirius

Wait! If you think Sirius is big, then compare Pollux with Sirius. And I am serious!

Arcturus and Pollux

Of course, don’t get too serious, Pollux is not that big, just compare it with Arcturus.

two stars

Then again, Rigel and Aldebaran are far much bigger than Arcturus.


That doesn’t stop there, Aldebaran losses out on Cassiopeiae.


And Cassiopeiae doesn’t stand a chance against Cephei.

Canis Majoris

So Cephei is big, but Canis Majoris is bigger. Er, where is Earth by the way?

compared to our sun

If you want the big picture, then this is it – Our Sun compared to Canis Majoris. That made me think how small the world is, how small is us, and there are a lot more smaller things than us (ants, microscopic lifeforms, etcs) – and it is not a burden for Allah to take care of all these. He is the All-Mighty!

darkest sky

Some years ago, this picture was taken using the Hubble Telescope… See that little green square there?


Well, the telescope pointed onto the same darkest region for 4 months – and the outcome of that pitched black small spot that we see nothing with the naked eye reveals… more stars? No, but these are actually Galaxies! And there are more than 1000 Galaxies on that small spot.

Huge Galaxies

Upon magnification – reveals huge galaxies until our scientiests claimed it’s illogical due to it’s overwhelming masses. Frankly saying, they were shouting ‘Impossible!’. These Galaxies are so huge – and that’s the one which we can see (through the telescope), how about the things which is not visible to us yet? The power of God doesn’t stop there – so what are you waiting for, correct what is wrong – take the righteous path – and may Allah bless us and approve our application to enter Paradise 🙂

Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak!


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