What is Phishing?

One of my customer emailed me several days ago and highlighted one ‘fishing’ email. Well, he was correct about it – about the meaning that is 🙂

fishing anyone?

I believe most of you already know about ‘phishing’. For those who are not familiar with it – Phishing is the act of fradulent activities – for example, to trick you to provide sensitive informations such as your username and password, bank account number, personal verification number, challenge questions – which the purpose is to obtain or gain control of your account – that will result in minor or major loss for yourself (just imagine if someone were to grab your internet banking details and have full access to your accounts!).

Here are some good websites to test your understanding of ‘phishing’

site 1


I got 9/10 on my first try for this site 🙂

phishing site 2


Got a perfect 10/10 for my first run. Maybe that first test gained me some extra experience points 😉

site 3


So let’s see how well you did with this site.

However, bare in mind that these are nothing but plain exercises and is not the real thing. Even if you scored a 10/10 in these tests, you may not get a perfect score in the real world.

Hackers and phishers will adapt quickly and find new ways of phishing techniques that we might not ever thought of – although many still work with thier classic methods.

Still, this is a good way to build your fundamentals 🙂



2 Responses to “What is Phishing?”

  1. Az-Mee Says:

    Bro – tak update lagi ke??????

    Dah nak masuk bulan Disember broooooooooo

  2. neato4u Says:

    Hi bro, thanks for the feedback. My hands are a bit tight up right now with new projects coming in. I do have a lot of materials to include, just don’t have the time to update. Hopefully soon 🙂

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