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Thundercats 2011

July 31, 2011

Looks like there is new but old TV series on air, it’s the Thundercats!

There’s already a few sites showing the full Episode 1 which was recently aired. Google around, you may find them 🙂


Angry Birds? No.. Angry Bots

July 30, 2011

The guys at Unity Technologies have done a great job in showing what Android can really do with their awesome Angry Bots demo.

This is a full 3D demo game, available for free on the Android Market. It’s playable on the HTC HD2 (with some lags of course, well even the X10 lags playing this), but those with SGS2 or other high-end Android devices would appreciate this as well. Graphics are superb, and of course, the rest of the world anticipates more of this kinda stuffs in the near future.

Jump in to see more screenshots and some gameplay video.


JW MIUI-9July ROM – Call Recording

July 29, 2011

This is episode 4 of the JW MIUI-9July ROM review which is also accessible via The ROM specs page which this time I will cover about ‘Call Recording’ functionality that you may use with the JW-MIUI-9July ROM, for free of course.

I have previously covered ‘call recording‘ on Windows Mobile before. So if you’re looking for that, please head over > HERE <

Now let me show you how easy it is to set this up in no time.


Access blocked sites with your Android

July 28, 2011

Ever since Malaysia Internet Service Providers (ISPs) been forcefully asked to block access to certain sites on the internet, there had been numerous rants of dissatisfaction amongst the locals. Be it from a wired or wireless internet users (and there still is).

I personally think this violates the freedom of the Internet. However I understand the pressure which has been put to SKMM (which I will elaborate no further here). But being us, creative Malaysian, and with good friends that we have all around the world, such as Anonymous (not that I knew them because they all wear masks!). Here’s a guide on how you can access those blocked websites via your mobile internet, on your Android phones.

It’s simple. And let me show you how…


JW MIUI-9July ROM – Flash and Battery life

July 27, 2011

So it’s back to the review. This is episode 3 of the JW MIUI-9July ROM review where previously we had looked into some built in applications, camera quality, and how well the ROM handles the HD2 as a real phone. And honestly so far I’ve been pleased and have no regrets in using this ROM as my daily driver.

So in this episode, I’m going to do what all Android users proudly do with their Android devices. And yes, it’s flash playback with the latest Adobe Flash Player 10.3 and how well it performs on the JW MIUI-9July ROM, and I bet you want to know it too…


The REAL Windows 7 on a smartphone

July 26, 2011

Beh~ so your phone can run Android, WP7? Your phone can run Ubuntu? Windows 95? Well this little baby beast can run Windows 7, within 3 seconds!

Is it the first smartphone that come equipped with dual boot OS? I’m not so sure about it as I don’t lurk the internet so very often, but it is “the world’s smallest PC” to date. The only question now is that, will it run minecraft? *grin*

Jump in and let’s see the specs of this baby beast which I trust many of you tech savvy are looking forward too. Oh not forgetting some youtube videos of it in action as well 🙂


JW MIUI-9July ROM – After some days…

July 25, 2011

This is the second episode of the HTC HD2 ROM Review – JW MIUI-9July ROM that was previously published on this blog. So far I am still using it and doesn’t feel like I’m getting it go as of yet.

So does this mean that the JW MIUI-9July is a good ROM? Have I decided or is it still too early to tell?
Let’s find out…


Android Games : O2 Jam Analog

July 24, 2011

Back in 1999, I was so addicted to this casual rhythm-matching game (it was too long ago I can’t remember what’s the title of this game anymore) where you need to push keys that would match with the song that’s currently playing. It was a PC platform game, and every once and then, some of my office colleagues that’s working on ground floor would sneak upstairs to our technician room and challenge us for a ‘battle’. I won of course (lol, don’t worry, I’m still a non pro compared to some of you out there). Then came the online version O2 Jam developed in South Korea by O2Media, which became so popular during my student days..

Now am I glad that they’ve made a version for Android users, the O2 Jam analog (not quite sure what’s the ‘Analog’ in this?)

There is quite a requirement needed before you can run this game. The HTC HD2 can handle this of course, but I feel it could perform better on newer native high-end Android phones out there. Let’s do a quick review of this game, and of course, the link to download is available as well (I know you wanted this!). So here goes…


HTC HD2 ROM Review – JW MIUI-9July ROM

July 24, 2011

Today’s ROM review will look on the JW MIUI-9July ROM for the HTC HD2, running on Gingerbread 2.3.4 to see how comfortable am I (as a demanding user, lol) in using this ROM (or commonly referred to as ‘driver’) and how well it perform on a daily basis and ‘under pressure’ (I’m still thinking on how to do this in a structured, procedural way, for now, let’s just ignore this part until an update is available).

The purpose of this review is to highlight the work of developers from all around the world, to thank them for all their sleepless nights in doing us a favour, sharing their knowledge, for the community. And how lucky of us to get this all for free! (donations are accepted). So this is my thanks to all the great developers out there!


And this week thanks goes to : jan-willem3
If you wish to donate to this developer, you can do so via paypal.

Of course, this all is not possible within a day of review, so the review’s going to span across (most probably) a week of observation. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


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