Android Games : O2 Jam Analog

Back in 1999, I was so addicted to this casual rhythm-matching game (it was too long ago I can’t remember what’s the title of this game anymore) where you need to push keys that would match with the song that’s currently playing. It was a PC platform game, and every once and then, some of my office colleagues that’s working on ground floor would sneak upstairs to our technician room and challenge us for a ‘battle’. I won of course (lol, don’t worry, I’m still a non pro compared to some of you out there). Then came the online version O2 Jam developed in South Korea by O2Media, which became so popular during my student days..

Now am I glad that they’ve made a version for Android users, the O2 Jam analog (not quite sure what’s the ‘Analog’ in this?)

There is quite a requirement needed before you can run this game. The HTC HD2 can handle this of course, but I feel it could perform better on newer native high-end Android phones out there. Let’s do a quick review of this game, and of course, the link to download is available as well (I know you wanted this!). So here goes…

Bare in mind that this is a preview version, with limited songs. But still, in my own personal opinion, I have not able to pass all songs in Normal mode still! So, it should keep you occupied until the full version is out (I’m guessing it’s a paid version unfortunately).

I’ve previously tried running this on my Motorola Milestone running Eclair 2.1, but it refused to run. Upgrading the device to Froyo and Gingerbread above allows it to. So that’s one of the requirement needed.

I snapped the image above while playing (excuse the vertical sync issue, but I did manage to get 220 excellent combo there, LOL). The songs included are great, and I didn’t get bored to listen to it over and over again, while trying hard even to complete these songs in ‘normal’ difficulty even (yeah, I got rusty, scrub scrub scrub…)

As this is a preview version, you can only play in ‘singles’ mode, either with 2, 4, or 5 keys (which is the amount of section you got those notes to fall down, and for you to press). For beginners, try start with 2 keys so you will understand how the game works. For veterans, stick with 5 keys and you will feel the thrill and fun!

Some text are in korean, such as this one when you press your back button to exit. But it’s perfectly understandable, as there’s not much of functions to choose from. So I am sure you won’t have any issues navigating. At the moment, I’m using JW MIUI-9July ROM and had no issues playing this game. Although the load times are slightly long (I’ve seen it load fast on Desire-S and newer devices), gameplay was ok and keys, even multitouch keys registered well on the device.

Are you ready to jam to the beat? Get the .apk on my dropbox account by clicking > HERE <

There is no need to have a dropbox account to download, however, if you want one, please register via my link > HERE < and both of us may get extra space! Sharing is caring 🙂


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