HTC HD2 ROM Review – JW MIUI-9July ROM

Today’s ROM review will look on the JW MIUI-9July ROM for the HTC HD2, running on Gingerbread 2.3.4 to see how comfortable am I (as a demanding user, lol) in using this ROM (or commonly referred to as ‘driver’) and how well it perform on a daily basis and ‘under pressure’ (I’m still thinking on how to do this in a structured, procedural way, for now, let’s just ignore this part until an update is available).

The purpose of this review is to highlight the work of developers from all around the world, to thank them for all their sleepless nights in doing us a favour, sharing their knowledge, for the community. And how lucky of us to get this all for free! (donations are accepted). So this is my thanks to all the great developers out there!


And this week thanks goes to : jan-willem3
If you wish to donate to this developer, you can do so via paypal.

Of course, this all is not possible within a day of review, so the review’s going to span across (most probably) a week of observation. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


  • First Impression

Flashing this ROM from MAGLDR via AD Recovery is hasttle free and fast. First boot clocked in 1 minute 37 seconds. And normal boot time after that is an impressive 45 seconds.

Upon boot, the MIUI interface will warmly greet you with its simple and user friendly interface. Scrolling through the home screens is fluid and I come across no lags as of yet.

I’m using Digi, and as usual all settings for data were automatically configured upon first boot. I was straight presented with HSDPA icon (3G), setup my Gmail account, and Android Market works without any issues.

Notification pane was clean, but I was craving for transparency. That would be nicer to have. However, the ‘toggles’ tab is a plus to have and saves you time from having to dig into your settings to invoke or toggles these commonly used functions.

Dialler makes good use of the screen estate. Typing a number will perform a search on your contacts, either by their phone number, or the characters that you have typed. No more flipping on your contacts anymore!

I have no issues in using the default keyboard. One thing I did miss is the haptic feedback. But as the developer (jan-willem3) said “It is a MIUI bug in all ROMs”. We do hope that this is fixed in the near future. However, lack of haptic feedback doesn’t cause that much of an impact, so I can live with it (for now).

Camera is excellent. Focusing works very well with ‘touch to focus’ enabled. A few snaps around the house captured decent quality pictures. The LED works and produced picture quality was in focus.

One thing that disappoints me is the camcorder function. For some reason it records in .3gp format leading to a lot of compression and reduced video quality.

It’s still too early to give any verdict so we shall review more of this within the next few days.

Messaging comes with its own interface that replaces the stock Android messaging style, giving you a more stylish look without any compensation in performance. Scrolling through SMS is fluid without any lags whatsoever.

You will be prompted with ‘USB Storage’ function as soon as you plugged the USB cable to the device. I had no issues in mounting, and copying files was done without any problems. In terms of read & write speed, we shall review more of this within the next few days.

Lockscreen is simple, and I love the fact that you can get a glimpse of missed call and SMS just by pressing on the respective icon. Sliding down unlocks the device.

One thing that I love about this ROM is that whenever there’s a new SMS, it will pop out no matter on which screen you are (exception of games perhaps), and gives you the option to respond back on the pop out itself without having to go into messaging. As I text quite often, this feature allows me to respond back in no time!

If you’re looking for tethering functionalities, this ROM have it. Both USB and WLAN hotspot is available. Setting up Portable WLAN hotspot with default settings get me connected, and able to surf the internet using the phone internet connection on my PC without any issues, within seconds. Of course, wireless encryption is possible via the Portable WLAN hotspot settings.

  • How do I feel with using this ROM now?

I have never used any MIUI ROMs before, and this is going to be my first one. Everything (except the on screen keyboard haptic feedback) works, and within a few minutes use, I feel that myself and this ROM is going to get along pretty well. In any of my review, if the ROM stays with me for a full 5 days, this would mean that the ROM survived my expectation and deserve a STAR award. However,  it doesn’t mean that for ROMs which didn’t make the full 5 days are unworthy to be flashed onto your device, it just means that the particular ROM did not get “MY” STAR award. It’s all subjective, and because these ROMs are freely available, don’t just take my word for it, try it yourself!

To see more details about this ROM, head over to The ROMS specs page!

UPDATE : Episode 2 of the review is out > HERE <



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