JW MIUI-9July ROM – After some days…

This is the second episode of the HTC HD2 ROM Review – JW MIUI-9July ROM that was previously published on this blog. So far I am still using it and doesn’t feel like I’m getting it go as of yet.

So does this mean that the JW MIUI-9July is a good ROM? Have I decided or is it still too early to tell?
Let’s find out…

  • More than meets the eye…

I can’t help but sometimes feel like I am using an Iphone or some clone of it. The MIUI interface does have the IOS feel to it. However, I don’t have any issues as it is not just about the cosmetics, but the JW MIUI-9July ROM bring tons of functionality and embedded applications straight out of the box so there is no need for you to waste time and search for third party applications on Market.

Although I am on an unlimited data plan, but I often keep track of my data usage (just for fun, lol). When I usually download ‘Data Counter Widget‘ via Market, there is no need for me to do that anymore because this ROM have it’s own ‘Data Monitor’ that keep track of my data usage.

It works the same as ‘Data Counter Widget’, however with an extra function to Disable your 3G / 2G when limit is reached. You can define your limit and also when to warn you if it’s near to your limit usage.

I left the default settings on when I flashed this ROM, and I got a warning upon nearing the default limit. However when I activate ‘Disable if limit reached’ – It disconnected me after I have passed 3 MB more than the defined limit (tested at 150MB, disconnected at 153MB). So you should play around with it (or set it a bit lower than your actual limit, so you don’t get overcharged by your provider). As for me, the warning suffices (not that I use them anyway, but I know that some of you does).

Another plus is that you can view which application that uses your mobile data connection, and how much are they using it. This is great to identify those services that sucks data silently in the background without you noticing.

I wonder if the ‘Anti shake’ function really works? I did a couple of test shots, and images come out blurry still. Maybe you should do a test yourself and post it on XDA or here and let us know?

(click the images above to see the actual size)

I have no issues with the camera. Photos are well focused and looks good even under low light conditions. Camcorder works ok. I got one occurrence of ‘Force Closed’ but just that one time (hey, even stock ROMs got FC as well, so it’s OK considering that). There’s no autofocus or touch to focus whilst in camcorder mode. So if you need to focus something, do it while in camera mode, switch over to camcorder and it will preserve that last focus for you.

  • Enough with the features, how good does this perform as a real phone?

Several call tests ring the device after 2 caller tones, so you may miss the first 2 seconds of the call. As with most phones which I have used before, this is common (happened in Windows Mobile too), so this is acceptable. There was an instance where the other party couldn’t hear me during the first few seconds of my outgoing call, but I think I had to blame it on the reception, and not the phone. No robot voice, and calls were clear.

If you are concerned on your microphone being too sensitive, that issue does not exist with this ROM. In fact, both handset and speakerphone works well without any issues. So in terms of using this ROM to make and receive calls, it’s a delight.

Well the review isn’t over yet.. so stay tuned for the next episode!

To see more details about this ROM, head over to The ROMS specs page!



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