JW MIUI-9July ROM – Flash and Battery life

So it’s back to the review. This is episode 3 of the JW MIUI-9July ROM review where previously we had looked into some built in applications, camera quality, and how well the ROM handles the HD2 as a real phone. And honestly so far I’ve been pleased and have no regrets in using this ROM as my daily driver.

So in this episode, I’m going to do what all Android users proudly do with their Android devices. And yes, it’s flash playback with the latest Adobe Flash Player 10.3 and how well it performs on the JW MIUI-9July ROM, and I bet you want to know it too…

Well unfortunately I don’t have any camera except for my only HD2 device. But take my word for it when I say this ROM performs very well when it comes to flash playback.

The desktop version of Youtube site loaded fast on HSDPA. Running on stock speed, this ROM gives an impressive fluid flash video playback at the default 360p resolution, either in page view or in full screen playback.

I couldn’t test playing 720p videos, as my mobile internet is not up to it (Boo~ to you Digi). But 320p suffices, and it looks good still on the large HD2 screen.

Other flash sites worked too, and video playback works very well.

Flash games runs smooth from within the browser. Maybe next time I’ll try playing Farmville 🙂

In terms of battery life, I am constantly connected to EDGE (2G) – for emails and instant messaging, and only turn on 3G when I need to do some real surfing. However, being on idle, this ROM would consume 4ma on 2G, and around 5 to 7ma on 3G (as seen above). Typically on a normal day, with a mid to heavy usage, I am able to get around 7 – 10 hours of usage (as I use the phone quite often to do this review). But judging by the idle power consumption, with low usage, this could (or should) lasts around a day at least. I guess I’ll write about it on my future review perhaps.

Don’t forget to check out The ROMS specs page for a quick summary on tested ROMS!



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