JW MIUI-9July ROM – Call Recording

This is episode 4 of the JW MIUI-9July ROM review which is also accessible via The ROM specs page which this time I will cover about ‘Call Recording’ functionality that you may use with the JW-MIUI-9July ROM, for free of course.

I have previously covered ‘call recording‘ on Windows Mobile before. So if you’re looking for that, please head over > HERE <

Now let me show you how easy it is to set this up in no time.

First of all, you require some ingredients before we start. So head over to xda-developers where you need the actual call recording application developed by skvalex. To do so, click > HERE < and download CallRecorder_v.1.0_build17.apk (you must be a registered xda members to download, if not, just register, it will only take you a few seconds!).

Once you have that .apk on your device, use File Manager (accessible from MIUI icon on your homescreen) and install it.

Once that is done, open your dialer, press MENU and click on settings

From here, scroll down to ‘Phone Security’ section and enable ‘Call recording’ features.

Now, once that is done, open up the actual Call Recorder application which you have just got installed. Press MENU and click on ‘Preferences’.

Turn on ‘Recording Calls’ and you may select either MP3 or WAV from the ‘Call Recording Format’ option (I prefer mp3 as the file size is smaller). And it’s done! All incoming calls will be automatically recorded and listed on Call Recorder. There may be some notification about the application requesting for root access, in which you just click yes and allow it to.

At any point of time you would like to hear back the recorded conversation, open Call Recorder, select the file, and click play.

If you want to copy these files over to your PC, it’s located in sdcard/voix/ either in incoming or outgoing folder.

Calls recorded with this application are clear, and there is no need for you to turn the speakerphone on. Just make sure you have sufficient space on your sdcard for it to work. At anytime you want to turn this off, simply open Call Recorder and disable ‘Recording calls’.

If you think you owe or just wanted to express your thanks to skvalex for this awesome app, you may pour out some cash for his hard work and buy the application via Market > (https://market.android.com/details?id=com.skvalex.callrecorder) for $4.99

Call Recording does work with other ROMS, but require a patched kernel and a rooted device. I may provide a how to install this on stock ROM in future, but having a custom ROMs like the JW MIUI-9July make things easier as the kernel was already included. So why settle for stock when there’s a better custom ROM out there? 🙂

As this is the fifth day which I’m using the marvelous JW MIUI-9July ROM (now I know that I didn’t cover some of the detailed aspects such as the camcorder quality and such, but this is one heck of an all-included apps ROM which have tons of features and functions which would eventually bore you guys and gals or probably cause too much excitement that may be hazardous to your health.. *just kidding* however, to carry on) , I have no hesitation of throwing it away or replacing it with any other ROM whatsoever (which unfortunately I will have to flash another ROM for my next review that will start within a few more days), so in short, this ROM deserves a STAR  award and is definitely a keeper!

For all summary and specs of ROMs, including where to get it, check out the The ROM specs page!



3 Responses to “JW MIUI-9July ROM – Call Recording”

  1. JW MIUI-9July ROM – Flash and Battery life « Neato4u's Blog Says:

    […] usage, this could (or should) lasts around a day at least. I guess I’ll write about it on my future review […]

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Please help in the recording of calls with me to Rom 1:10:14

    • neato4u Says:

      What kind of help do you need? Basically just install CallRecorder_v.1.0_build17.apk and setup like above.. If you’re not using MIUI, there is no need to set ‘phone security’ section above.

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