HTC HD2 ROM Review – HyperDroid-CM7-v2.1.0

The HyperDroid ROM is not ‘the new kid in the block’. It’s been around for quite some time.. In a matter of fact, I have previously used this ROM, and now I’m taking my time to take it for a spin and write a review about it.

Now this is another ROM running on Gingerbread 2.3.4. From my personal view, one thing that sets this apart is the density of the screen (default set at 167dpi) which looks great because you are able to squeeze more thing and see more than the usual stock Android dpi (which is at 240dpi).

So this week thanks goes to : pongster
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So, you might ask “This ROM got the looks” – anything else on the menu? Well, we are about to find out more (within a week of review) so come step in and have a look for yourself.

Isn’t that gorgeous? I fell in love with this ROM because I feel that it have transformed my HTC HD2 into a (smaller) tablet! Just have a look at the amount of information that you can squeeze in. Everything still look sharp, texts are readable, and the interface is fluid with no noticeable lags. This ROM clocks an impressive 1 minute 30 seconds upon first boot, normal boot time is about 50 seconds, not bad.

For those who loves simple and elegant style, Hyperdroid suites you perfect. I admire the default dialer but even with my petite fingers, I would prefer bigger buttons and make full use of the screen estate. However this was not a big issue and I am sure many of us will not have any problems with it.

I had no issues flashing the ROM from MAGLDR via AD Recovery. However, (thinking that this is quite an old ROM – dated 31st May 2011) upon first time boot, you are greeted with an option to download common google apps (such as facebook, gmail, twitter, google map, etc) which the application will automatically launch Market and download it automatically for you. Unfortunately some of the application returned a missing link from the market, so for those (eg. facebook app), you will need to manually download it instead.

Hyperdroid comes with Gingerbread keyboard full functionality, haptic feedback is there, and everything seems to work in both portrait and landscape mode.

Notification pane have these quick connectivity toggle for Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, and volume. It’s transparent and you can slide individual item to the left or right of the screen to dismiss. Especially great to have when you have several notifications and need to keep some in but do not want some others to still appear. I just wished that there is a quick rotation toggle included by default.

Camera works good but there is no touch to focus feature. I was looking for the pre-focus but it was not present at first. The camera just pre-focus by itself when you press the shutter. Clicking MENU and going to ‘Advanced Options’ bring some few options, including to map the HD2 hardware button as the shutter button. Nice but I was still puzzled how to do a manual pre-focus?

So there it is – you need to enable ‘Long Focus’ from the ‘Advanced Options’ menu. Doing this, hold the shutter button, then (while still holding) slide your finger away from the shutter button. Doing this will cancel the shot, but you have manual pre-focus enabled. This however, will not work with the hardware button as releasing it will eventually cause a picture to be taken.

Camcorder functions well, and captured video are quite smooth and saved in m4v format.

If you use your mobile phone internet to surf from your computer (as I do), then tethering or wifi hotspot is one important application that you must have. And Hyperdroid have built in these function which is accessible via MENU > Settings > Wireless & Networks > Tethering & Portable hotspot. WPA2 PSK encryption is possible via Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings.

Craving for more reviews? Well don’t worry, there will be more coming up (done!) within a few days. In the mean time, do check out The ROMS specs page for a summary and shortcut review links to all reviewed ROMs. Till then, take a moment to ponder to yourself and ask “Have you done anything good today?”.



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