HyperDroid-CM7-v2.1.0 – Microphone volume issue

After a few hours using the HyperDroid-CM7-v2.1.0 ROM, now I remembered the reason why I switched to another ROM. It’s the damn over sensitive microphone which cracks the ear out of the other end.

As the original developer had stepped out for a while to make some time for his new born baby, we can’t (or won’t?) be expecting any updates from him in the near future perhaps. However, there is a possible workaround to make it better (or maybe a slight fix).

If you love sticking to this ROM, read on and I’ll show you how easy to urm.. half-fix this.

So first, you need the ingredients to make this work. Download > THIS < zip file from xda-developers (you need to have an account with xda to download, if not, register! It only takes a minute) posted by memin1857 which includes the “LeTama’s” htcleo.acdb file.

Another thing that you need is Root Explorer which is available on the Android Market.

Once you have the ingredients. Unzip htcleo.zip to reveal htcleo.acdb. Copy or extract this file on the ROOT (to make it easy) of your MicroSD card.

Next, launch Root Explorer, browse to sdcard folder, copy htcleo.acdb, click the back (hardware) button or the to back up one level, go to /etc/firmware (as per the picture above) and click paste. You will get a notification that you will replace the file (in which, if there is a NEED to – which I don’t think it is needed – backup the original htcleo.acdb file first to your sdcard. once that is done) just proceed by clicking yes.

Power off your phone, restart, and you will get an improved microphone quality, not too loud anymore and it doesn’t crack the other party headset or their ear anymore (well, it may still hurt, but not that lot!). If you notice, the camcorder audio quality have toned down a bit as well by doing this (so it does not only affects in call volume, but applications as well). Of course, I doubt that you will get decent speakerphone quality anymore, but as we use to stick the phone to our ear a lot more than we use the speakerphone, I think this should be OK until a real fix is developed for this ROM.

Don’t forget to visit The ROMS specs page if you need to see any new updates and reviews.



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