How to backup Android SMS?

Don’t you just hate it when something happened to your phone and you found out that you have lost some or all of your SMS?

And did you know that Android only stores a maximum of 200 messages per person on your mobile? Older gets deleted without notification. So before you go “opps I did it again”, let me show you one way to backup all of your SMS automatically in a secured place where if something were to happen to your phone, you will still have access to them. And here’s how …

Of course, the ingredients – First, download SMS Backup from Android Market place. This is a great app by Jan Berkel, and best of all it’s free!

Next, you need either Wifi or a 3G data connection – just for the purpose of setting this up. However, to make full use of the automatic backup feature, it is recommended that you have a 3G data plan.

After installing SMS Backup, launch it and you will be warmly greeted with this simple menu that goes straight to the point. Tap the connect button and enter your Gmail account credentials to login (if you don’t have a gmail account, it’s about time you create one).

Once the application has been linked to your Gmail account, simply click the ‘backup’ button to start backing up all of your SMS to your Gmail account. The application will upload these SMS in a conversation style format, and label it SMS. It is well organized, and if you have ton’s of SMS like me, you will appreciate how neat it shows up on your Gmail account.

For contacts you already have on your phone, the application is smart enough to tag the contact name rather than showing the actual phone number. In Gmail, 1 particular thread may hold up to 100 conversations. A new thread will be opened for that particular contact if there are more. This enables faster browsing.

Going a bit under the hood, in ‘Auto Backup settings’ you can set schedule when to automatically backup SMS. This is very useful if you have an always enabled data connection. Even if you don’t enable it all the times, once you enable data – the system will detect and automatically run the scheduled backup silently in the background. You may opt to choose ‘Require Wifi’ checked if you do not have any data plan so the application will only upload whenever you connect to an access point instead.

Going to the ‘Advanced Settings’ gave you the option to further tweaking options such as labeling, to mark SMS as read, backup only SMS from specific contacts and such. For me I’d just leave everything to the default and let the program works by itself. It’s best to backup all as you know it as best as I do “If you don’t backup it, you don’t need it”.

I have never tried doing ‘Restore’ before, and for the time being, there is no need for me to do that because I am always changing ROMs. However it is good to know that whatever Android ROMs that I switched to, I will always have my SMS backup +




5 Responses to “How to backup Android SMS?”

  1. Ismail Badli Says:

    Thanks for the heads up bro.. this is a must have app in my hd2.

  2. A compilation of most used Android Application « Neato4u's Blog Says:

    […] runs great. I’ve covered about this application before, so you may read it further over > HERE […]

  3. just curious Says:

    If you are out the country (Ontario, Canada) and do not have 3G or Wifi connection will the sms backup+ eventually send the sms messages to the email address associated with the account once back in the USA and 3G or Wifi are available? (p.s. Droid Incredible is still able to send and receive sms messages while out in the middle of no where at this fishing resort in Canada, sms messages are not being backed up to email address though).

    • neato4u Says:

      I’m afraid not. Try using some offline backup instead like SMS Backup & Restore by Ritesh Sahu. That one works offline and saves a file on your SD card.

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