HyperDroid-CM7-v2.1.0 – Overclocking, Battery Life & FM Radio

So here it is, I guess the last episode of HyperDroid-CM7-v2.1.0 review. It didn’t bore me or caused me any (apart from some minor) issues. And I felt good in using this ROM as my daily driver.

As the build is based on CyanogenMod, under CyanogenMod Settings, there are option for Performance where you are able to Overclock or Downclock your HD2 as necessary, either for performance, or to save more battery life if you are not using much CPU intensive applications.

Speaking about battery life has become very subjective …

However, with the default speed set on this ROM = 998 Mhz (I checked 1.9Ghz above as my priority is performance) – This ROM performs quite well on it’s battery life. With 5ma on 3G and 4ma on 2G network, with minor to medium usage – eg. Roughly 50 SMS or more, 20 minutes of phone call, some web surf via wifi and 3G and I got …

Yes I got a full day usage and I still have around 30% battery remaining. Which I think should last about a few hours more before it depletes. However under normal circumstances where I left my 3G data enabled for the whole day, with light to moderate use I would say around 6 to 11 hours or around that figures.

FM Radio works. I’m not sure why it must turn on Bluetooth for it to work (maybe some Android limitation – you must remember that this IS a Windows Mobile 6.5 device originally) but yes it works. I had to turn off the screen to get better reception, but that is fair enough.

So yes, this ROM deserves the star award (although it could be better).

Head on to The ROMS spec page to see a quick summary about it. More reviews coming up!



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