Tap Sonic for Android (like O2Jam Android)

If you remember my post about O2Jam, now here comes a new comer, the Tap Sonic for Android and it seriously made O2Jam Analog looks like trash in alpha version…

It’s available to download from the Android Korean Market, but here I’ll provide you with the apk so you may try on your device. Reported working on a Desire Z, Motorola Milestone… so if you have a medium-end device it would probably work too. Let’s head inside for some review and download link…

Unfortunately to start the game, it requires an internet connection to it’s server (kinda sucks right?). So you need to be connected via 3G or Wifi. But once you are in, you are in for a great jamming session. Only 4 lines are available at the beginning. You may unlock 5 lines if you successfully completed (can’t remember exactly) what.. 10 times playing on 4 lines.. and win like 10 times on 5 lines to unlock the 6 lines, you know the drill. However I had a great time playing this even with 4 lines as it is different from O2Jam Analog, really different.. and looks like they put a lot of afford to it.

I started off with Basic, and still stuck in Basic. Replayability is very nice. Unlike O2Jam, when you miss a note, your phone will vibrate and show you a red sad face. I wasn’t expecting that! This game is alive compared to O2Jam Analog (sorry I said this too many times, LOL!).

Entering the music list presents you with a number of songs which you may buy to play. There is also a few free songs to download. To play, just tap on them and it will automatically download the songs from their server. This is stored in the phone (not in sdcard) specifically in /data/data/co.kr.neowiz.tapsonic/ so if you have quite a slow connection, remember to back this folder to your sdcard with Root Explorer (if you don’t have a dropbox account yet, please click here to register so I may have some extra space which I badly need!).

So there you can see the red sad face. I screen-captured this while playing. There you can actually see that it is different from O2Jam gameplay. Here’s a video of it on youtube … somebody playing it on Motorola Milestone (and yes it run very smooth compared to O2Jam – yes yes I didn’t mean to bash O2Jam here but hey what else can I compare it with?)

Here’s another clearer video

Drooling about it already? Want it bad? Here’s the link to download. Enjoy and remember to do something good today for others!



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