ByeBye TyphooN!

Before the flame starts, let me clarify that this is a nightly build. So errors and bugs were expected since day 1.

There is a newer version available on the original xda-developers thread. However many still rants about having boot issues, and this and that..

I personally had to spend hours in front of my computer as the unit was in a boot-loop, missing ext partition, dissappearing downloads (this really gets on my nerves), and the ROM comes with no default browser which was a real pain! Not to mention I have to create a 1GB ext partition, and a 128MB swap to make this ROM boot (not sure about how you guys do it), but it’s just ‘too much work’ for a custom ROM.

So bye-bye Typhoon, until we see a final release, I’m staying off from this one.

Great news is that we’ll have a new ROM to review within the next few days, so stay tuned!



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