ROM Review – WP7 7592 Green Mango

I must say I am very excited to review the first Windows Phone 7 ROM for the HTC HD2 here on my very blog. I have tried several ROMs prior to this, but I believe the WP7 7592 Green Mango is one of the best.

First of all, let me begin by saying WP7 sucks.. why? Because I see it as a pre-mature OS, that have so many ‘missing‘ features. When WP7 was first launch, I can sense that something was wrong somewhere.. either Microsoft was all out on aggressive marketing to sway Iphone and Android (urm ok not forgetting Blackberries) users (now where is that Symbian, sorry, who cares :P) that they have simply ignored their hot oven timer to completely cook instead they just took it all out, and started selling these half-cooked biscuits (it was quite yummy, but most had to spit it out before they could finish).

I know I may get some flame with hardcore WP7 users out there, but thinking that my blog only hit around 50 to 100 unique visitors a day.. maybe these hardcore WP7 fan can come in and boost my rank a bit instead? Lol.. Anyway, moving on to the review!

For those of you who have noticed, yes I do not have any screenshots of WP7 running on HD2. This is because there isn’t a standalone app which runs on WP7 to do snapshot as of yet. However, if I do have the chance to snap some photos, then I will update this post to include some for your viewing pleasure. But WP7 is as native as it gets, don’t bother customizing it so much because you can’t do a full backup on it. Yes I agree, backup is possible, but you will lose your home screen layout, your SMS, everything? Even your games – you have to go back to Market and redownload the apps – of course it remembers what app you have purchased and so on, but like Android, you can at least save it’s SDCARD data.. WP7? I don’t think so..

Rants rants rants.. OK back to the review. The ROM I am using is the WP7 7592 Green Mango (yes it runs on Mango), with Market enabled courtesy of elfinlazz @ xda-developers. You may check out his thread > HERE < and download the ROM > HERE <

Setting the ROM is fairly easy with MAGLDR, just that you need a computer to do the job. With Android, I can just download my desired ROM in .zip reboot into recovery and flash it without any need of a computer. If anything goes wrong, I could just perform a Nandroid restore. With WP7, it’s just a one way street… unfortunately. So, we’re not here to discuss on HOW TO FLASH WP7 ROM INTO HTC HD2 but more to review what this WP7 ROM is capable of. If you want to know how to flash a WP7 ROM, go google.. or leave a message on this thread as this has previously been covered by a lot of bloggers before and also on XDA, which I would just waste both of my and your time by telling old told stories.

So here’s what I did when I first got this ROM flashed :

  1. Configured my Digi internet.
    Unlike Android, you will need to manually set your APN so your device can ‘talk’ and establish a network connection for you to utilize mobile internet. Lucky that configuring WP7 is a breeze, just slide your homescreen from right to left, scroll down, tap settings > cellular > new apn and enter APN = digi, User name = diginet, Password = digiand hit the ‘right’ icon button to complete.

  2. Activating the device.
    Now some of you may ask why bother to activate? Now, in Android, there’s rooting, and if you don’t rootyou won’t be missing much. But with WP7, activation is required to access the Marketplace, now that is important because you need apps and games, and without them your WP7 is just another expensive paperweight.There are several ways you can go about activating your WP7 device, however I will just tell you the best and quickest way you can get your device activated, that is via Microsoft online chat.So how do you activate? Go to Marketplace, and choose any app or games (does not matter either free or try), and go through the process of installing it. At some point of time, you will reach this screen :

    Stop, and do the steps below :

    > To begin, visit :
    > click on General Inquiries about Microsoft Products and Services or Genuine Advantage Questions
    > Fill up the form as below to make it easier

    * Take note that we are identifying our HTC HD2 as the HD7 on this form. Because HD2 does not have official support from Microsoft, and importantly, on this ROM, it has already been set to identify our device as the HD7 – as to not confuse Microsoft representative too much, let’s play simple and tell them it’s a HD7 device which needs activation. When everything is done, click ‘Start Chat’ and a new window will be opened where you will be warmly greeted by a (hopefully friendly) Microsoft Customer Service representative.

    > Once the chat has initiated, the rep already know what you’re looking after by checking your description which will definitely build their confidence in delivering excellent customer service because activating a WP7 are fairly easy and common to them. Am I right? 😉
    > The rep will ask you a series of questions, which you just answer honestly for their WP7 activation purpose.
    > If they ask  you for which device, tell them it’s the HD7 (for me, they didn’t even ask!)
    > Within minutes, they will provide you with sort of like a Windows activation key (eg. PRX33-KJSKK-HDK23-KJAHH-K293O)
    > Key this on your WP7 phone continuing where we left earlier

    > Press activate and just follow the instructions which are very straight-forward.
    > Once activated, you may download apps and games to try (or buy!).

  3. Get my contacts from Google!
    I was sweating at first, thinking how in the world do I load my contacts from Android as I had nightmares on doing that a few years ago with Windows Mobile 6.1. Good thing that Microsoft thought about this and how we have really stepped into the ‘cloud’ computing age. So any contacts you have either in Google or facebook, you may just synchronizeit with your WP7 with some simple steps below :> Go to settings > emails & accounts > add an account > google
    > enter your full email address and password
    > click sign inAnd that’s it, your email, contacts, and calendar will be automatically sync to your device.

  4. Login to Facebook
    Similar to the steps above, just add ‘facebook’ account instead!
  5. Download some apps and games, and you’re ready to fly solo!
    There are quite a lot of apps (even free ones) in Marketplace. You may even try paid apps that have limitation in terms of how long or how far you may play.

WP7 ran fluidly on HTC HD2, some even have proof that it run much better and faster than the actual HD7 running natively on WP7. Booting up is super fast around 35 seconds on first boot, so I didn’t clock the next boot because 35 seconds is by far, fast enough for me. Call reception is good, other party can hear me without any issues, audio is noticeably louder than most Android builds, video recording comes with autofocus which is just awesome, however in this build – I found an issue with the camera where pictures taken with flash have an ugly green tint on it. I can’t get camera to focus as well (anybody know how?). Games run well on HD2 (tried Fable: Coin Golf) and graphics were superb (I love the rotating animation – sort of Iphone alike, but faster).

If you can live with some issues (camera, no wifi tethering, more.. ? I can’t think of more yet) then you may want to consider a WP7. One thing for sure – It’s damn fast! So Microsoft, if you can finish up this half baked cookie.. I’m sure there will be a lot more users that will stick around.

As for me.. uh.. looks like my glue getting loose.. Let’s see how many days can I stand without tethering and some.. issues..

Over to The ROMS specs page!



2 Responses to “ROM Review – WP7 7592 Green Mango”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the tip.. i got mine within 3 minutes.. soo grateful..

  2. neato4u Says:

    Glad this post helped you 🙂

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