Watch Dragonball on Android

One of my friend showed me this great app. Now who doesn’t like Dragonball? (heck who doesn’t even know about Dragonball?) Back when I was a kid, I got a big bookshelf full of my Dragonball collection books. However, as I loved my nephew and niece too much, they tore it apart and ripped it to pieces when I was not around.. talking about love..

The app require flash to be installed on your device. So to summarize, you require Froyo and above, if you own a low to mid end phone, you may suffer from serious to slight lag in video playback (it is smooth on the HD2, fyi). Internet / 3G / Wifi is required. And if you think you got no issues with those required ingredients above and ready to run through these classic moments on your weekend, you’re in for some treat.

Head over to Android Market, search for Dragonball Z viewer or you may click > HERE <

Now I am not quite sure how long this will last on the internet as most of the sites which have Dragonball series & movies have been taken down previously due to copyright. Well, in the old days I had to wait for half a day or so just to have 1 episode to be completely downloaded from multiple segmented files which I have to merge and 7zip or unrar or unzip them before I could watch an episode which goes roughly about 20 minutes or so, minus the time where I may get broken links and have to source out another site and redownload it all over again.

Not to mention I have to wait for 3 to 4 episodes waiting for KAME HAME HA power up… *yawn*

You see, they got the entire Dragonball Z collection, from the series up to the movies. So you must have something new to watch, unless you are a real hard-core Dragonball Z fan which have not missed anything.. yeah the android chicks rawks yes?

Clicking on a Saga will lead you to episodes. Clicking on an episode will present you a summary before you decide to either play or continue to browse. I have Adobe Flash Player 10.3 loaded prior to play (Flash 10.1 may work I guess) however during first play I got stuck at the loading screen.

Thumbs up to the developer Horizon Apps for providing a quick pop-up notification before any playback begin. So if you have video loading issues, hit your menu and tap on fix it! You will however, be taken back to the main page – but simply browse and reselect the episode / movie again – but this time, get your popcorn ready.

In case you were too excited that you have simply ignored all pop-up during the start of the playback, you will eventually ran across a 72 minutes limitation. If this happens, click menu > reload secondary link to continue.

Mind the horrible screenshot above, but playback run fluid on the HTC HD2. Some episodes have different resolution, so you may get some not-so-good-quality-videos, but they are watchable, unless you want to snap your device to that big LCD screen. Video streams smooth (I do have some buffer times, but it’s not so bad, maybe 2 – 3 secs during the start, video plays smooth for around 15 secs, buffer again for 10 secs, and smooth up till the end) even on my Digi mobile internet. However, I was within their 3G / HSDPA coverage.

If you loved this and craving for more, check out other apps by Horizon Apps. They have Dragonball GT viewer, Claymore, Gundam Wing, Full Metal Alchemist, and even Johnny Bravo (what the..)?




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