0% Maintenance tyres

The time has nearly will eventually comes where we no longer need to go and pump air into our tyres (no I’m not UK, you may spell it as tires if you want). And I’m not talking about those tyres which have no air inside…

The guys at Goodyear is working hard to develop a new technology called the ‘Air Maintenance Technology‘ (AMT) which equip tyres with small air pumps which will self regulate the air, thus eliminating the need for you to refill these tyres with air – because it will do so by itself!

Oh boy, just imagine how much this is gonna cost ya..

I personally think that it’s going to be a long wait before it’s going to be available for private consumers like us. In the mean time, get your kpi / psi right, because no matter how good your car is.. It is your tyres that will keep it stick to the ground.

Source from Engadget > Here <



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