Flying RC planes and heli are the thing of the past!

OK OK that may sound a bit too harsh as the thing which I’m going to tell about today is un-compared to a flying RC planes and helicopters.. Because, they are.. a bit.. well.. different..

So what’s Nemo doing here? Um.. yeah, it’s a flying clownfish. No, I’m literally saying that it’s a flying RC clownfish. In the air! I tell ya, it’s cute. Stumbled across this a few days ago, and thought I’d share it with you guys / gals out there. Check out the video inside – I’m thinking of getting one for my son as well!

This my friend, is a great toy – even for a dad to play with 😉

It’s called the Air Swimmers, and it costs around US$39.90 each. It requires to be filled with helium gas (which is not included), but you should be able to find that at any local party stores.

I just love it!



One Response to “Flying RC planes and heli are the thing of the past!”

  1. mumay Says:

    Yes, those air swimmers sharks and clownfishes can be awesome because they look so real and huge, except that they’re not in the water, they’re up on air.

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