Unprison the Internet!

There had been so much blocking activities these days, on censoring the internet. China has em, Malaysia has em, and it’s not going away so soon isn’t it? (Or did they just threw the keys off?)  I have previously covered Access blocked sites with your Android before, however we won’t be sure how long before some idiot come and block the hole on this one.

There’s a new system developed by University of Michigan and Waterloo in Canada, called Telex which quoted “would thwart Internet censorship and make it virtually impossible for a censoring government to block individual sites by essentially turning the entire web into a proxy server

Heck I don’t know much about computers and networks.. but proxy? I mean, proxies can be blocked too right?

Here’s a little more jargons for you guys to digest – “When a user wanted to visit a blacklisted site, they would establish a secure connection to any HTTPS password-protected website that isn’t blocked. This connection acts as a decoy and the Telex software marks it as a Telex request by inserting a secret-coded tag into the page headers. This tag utilizes a cryptographic technique called “public-key steganography.”

Sounds like some serious hacker thing, but I agree that the internet shouldn’t be censored. Of course, censorship, blocks, and filtration is necessary for companies to make sure that they don’t get blamed for employees misconduct, but hey, talking about censoring the internet to the entire country. That is just lame… <credit goes HERE and HERE>

Ok, tunnel on, VPN up, mask set, bounce active.. let’s roll!


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