Control your Android phone from PC

As I am a temporary nomad and still moving from here to there, finding a place where I can eventually call home… I use my phone data plan and tether it with my PC to access the internet.

Unfortunately at the place where I live, reception is very bad and sometimes I can’t even get a signal inside my bedroom. So I had to leave the phone outside where the reception is better, and tether it via wifi so I can surf the internet from my bedroom. However, I was very annoyed when I had to walk out everytime I got an SMS, or when I had to check if the phone was heating up too much.

Until I found this great application which solves the issue …

It’s Webkey developed by Péter Móra (email), and Zoltán Papp (email) – (I was thinking of linking their Donate link here, but you guys can just go straight to their webpage > about instead. That will be more proper). While this is free, the application is greatly done, excellent and carefully thought of by these developers.

Now here’s the sad part – You need to have your phone rooted for you to use it.

Have not rooted your phone yet? Depressed? Don’t know why you should or bother rooting? Visit this XDA thread and talk about it.

Here’s a simple guide on how to use it.

  1. Get and install the .apk from Android Market
  2. Once installed, turn on and connect to your home Wifi
  3. Once connected, launch Webkey and click Start Service
  4. Root access notification will appear, allow to proceed

  5. Webkey shall generate a server type URL like below
  6. On your PC, open your browser and connect to the address given

  7. You will be prompted to logon per below screenshot
  8. As this is the first time you are accessing the phone from your PC, click on Registration
  9. Create a username and a password for you to access the phone

  10. Once done, click ‘Create new user’
  11. Your phone will beep and show a notification per below

  12. Tap on the notification and it will bring you to the access page where you can set permission for that account

  13. If you are the only user that’s going to access your phone, just leave the default settings and click ‘Save User’
  14. When that is done, go back to your PC and login using the account that you have just created.
  15. Done!

On certain phones, you may have display issues (rolling, tearing screen, etcs). If you do, clicking or enabling ‘Use only first framebuffer‘ may fix the issue.

Controlling the phone via Webkey is easy, as you normally interact with your phone, by using the computer mouse. Buttons are controlled by page buttons. Framerate may get a bit choppy (especially if you are on slow connection) however, swiping to unlock and gestures works – without multitouch that is.

There is a lot to this app, that offers a wide range of accessibility to your phone remotely. If you have unlimited data plan, you may use this over 3G as well (expect even more choppier framerate). The developers had also set up somekind of pass-thru method which if your provider block access to your phone, you can give it a name, and access it via their server.

You can even launch camera and have a look at it on your browser (already have ideas for some spy cam action?).

I have tried some other similar remote apps, but nothing beats the simplicity of Webkey. This is definitely a keeper. And if you have some spare change, why don’t you guys donate some to these developers which I am sure they will appreciate it as much as we appreciate their hard work and great spirit (+effort) to share their application (or part or result of their knowledge) to us.

So guys and gals, get the application from Android Market or head over to their website for more info.



3 Responses to “Control your Android phone from PC”

  1. Chua Says:

    Fantastic, this is what I have been looking for. Thanks!

  2. wyman Says:


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