ROM Review – Dorimanx-ROM-HIGH-END 2.7.6

At time of writing, there’s already a newer version out – however, as many (including myself) experienced lots of issues with version 2.7.7 so I have been recommended by XDA member Bologna to try version 2.7.6 instead for my review.

I admit that my previous ROM reviews were unorganized and scattered all over.. I mean, I write for fun – and I actually blog for myself really – because I have problems remembering things. However, when I put something down – I have great memory on where to FIND things and their source. So that is why I started blogging – so when I can’t remember something, I remember where to find for them – at my blog!

And this week thanks goes to : dorimanx
If you wish to donate to this developer, you can do so via paypal.

Hopefully this review will be better and more organized than my previous reviews, although comments are welcomed and I always take it as positive feedback – listening is important, as you will never learn if you don’t!

#1 – Booting up

I spent more than 2 hours to get this ROM to work. Initially I downloaded version 2.7.7 that includes the 2.7.7 critical patch, created swap size of 256MB, flashed the recommended 150M recovery with 5M cache as instructed, even reformatted my sdcard just to make sure it’s not a local or hardware issue, but still I got stuck at the white Android logo for more than half an hour…

One piece of advice, during the boot process – if everything goes well, you should be seeing a real boot animation (some spinners with what appears to be an Android that fades in and get beams up – in version 2.7.6 that is) just within the first minute of booting up. So you know if it takes longer than that, something is definitely wrong.

For this review, I used MAGLDR version > via Recovery. After flashing the actual ROM, I flashed > before reboot. As mentioned by the developer, your LED will blink 3 times on ember, and blink to green – says that “This is how you know that ROM is loading OK, and there is no boot loop” – However I got these ‘normal’ boot LED on 2.7.7 before, but still I was stuck at boot (so I’d skip relying on those LED and just use my eyes then.. lol).

First boot takes around 3:15 minutes and I was warmly greeted with a bunch of Force Close errors which I can’t get rid of (dismiss one, and it will kept on appearing at an infinite loop). So this is what I did – wait for all FC’s to appear, when there are no more new FC’s, press and hold your power button and the menu to power off will appear behind all these FC’s notifications. Now get your fast finger(s) ready and quickly dismiss all of the FC’s error messages until you get to the power menu and hit power off. A second notification “are you sure” will come up, and if you’re fast enough, tap OK (I got this on the second try, first try was slow so I had to dismiss those reappearing FC’s again).

Second boot will be much quicker (I didn’t clocked this because I was full of frustration, however I would say it take a minute or so) and you should no longer get any Force Close and finally the ROM boots as normal.

#2 – Homescreen

Am I missing something? There’s only 3 icons excluding the google search bar, which I think is a bit weird and unbalanced perhaps? (Shouldn’t there be 4 to complete the row?). 5 screens are there for your disposal, and removal option is there for those you think 5 is just too many. Pinching will display an overview of all homescreens so you may tap on them to zoom in. Sliding left and right goes to the next homescreen, no fancy animation, just plain normal. It’s smooth and fluid. Default wallpaper looks fine to me, it looks … normal.

#3 – Notification bar and pane

Yes I liked it because it’s so colourful, but not overly done. Battery displays percentage in number, and you have a circle indicator which have different color according to how much battery is left. Data (HSDPA / 3G) have nice red and blue coloured arrow and blinks during uploads and downloads. Some icons (eg. USB debugging, downloads, etc) are in light green color (I think it’s too bright, but still, it’s OK).

Pulling down reveals transparency (yay!) and a friendly Android figure with some greenish aura sticking out from the bottom right (don’t turn into hulk-a-droid please). To dismiss specific item, just drag it to the left or right of the screen. The 4 toggles are available (Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Volume) and it’s showed in quite nice lovely coloured icons. There is also a small ‘arrow to the left’ icon on the notification bar, which act’s as a back button. So I guess that will make your physical button a bit less abused perhaps.

#4 – Installed applications

The list are – Browser, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, MIUI Camera, Car Home, Contacts, Dev Tools, Downloads, DSP Manager, Email, File Manager, FM Radio, Gallery, Google Search, GPS Status, Market, Messaging, Music, News & Weather, Phone, ROM Manager, Search, Settings, SIM Toolkit, Sound Recorder, Spare Parts, Superuser, Talk, Terminal Emulator, Theme Chooser, Torch, Voice Dialler.

I don’t think I’ll be touching ROM Manager as this is MAGLDR build, so maybe it’s meant for CLK version of the ROM (guys, correct me if I am wrong). I guess everything bundled works (there was 2 which I didn’t test which was Car Home and ROM Manager, but I guess that works too). Oh yes, the two camera apps works – I think it’s good that the developer included MIUI camera because there are some features that are not available by default (eg. like timers). However I was scrolling up and down up and down and realized …

Hey, clock is missing!

It’s really not there! And I always use my phone as an alarm clock. I wonder why it’s missing? So that means I have to use a third party app instead *sigh*

Anyway, I hope my review this time are more structured than before. No no, this is not the end yet, there will be part 2 coming up within a day or so as I don’t want to rush things off. Plus, it will give me a good feel of what this ROM is like (and finding out if there’s any issues along the way, nyeh nyeh nyeh) and whether it suites as my daily driver AND if it deserves the star award 😉

Until then, visit The ROMS specs page for current and past ROM reviews.



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