Save downloaded apps / games from Market

So you found a nice application or games from Android Market and you went ahead and download it to your device. A couple of days later, something happened and you lost all of your apps and games. Just when you thought of getting those apps from Market, you found out that your internet doesn’t work…

If only you had saved them locally…

But wait, you CAN! Spoiler : it’s for rooted users only šŸ™‚

If you know how to navigate to files and folders, this would be a piece of cake.

First, the ingredient – Download Root Explorer from Market if you have not.

Open it up, and navigate to /data/app

From here you can see a bunch of .apk’s. These are the installer for those applications / games which you have downloaded from Market. I don’t know why Android kept a local copy on the phone after you have it installed.. (?) But yes it is there. Just copy them to your SDCARD and backup them to your Hard Drive. Next time when you needed these applications back, just tap and run them via File Manager to install. Easy!

Some application / games have extra data stored either internally or on the SDCARD. I could not provide these info as it is unique with every apps and games. However, just do a differentiation before and after install. Usually you will be able to spot them. All the best!



3 Responses to “Save downloaded apps / games from Market”

  1. Ismail Badli Says:

    I use Titanium Backup which is also free from the market….and yup…it’s also for rooted phones also.

  2. Muhammad Firdaus Says:

    I use titanium too.. I think its much more simpler than this manual method.

  3. 4 free games for Xperia PLAY owners « Neato4u's Blog Says:

    […] hurry, offer ends on 15th January 2012. So download now, rip those apk off and save the data files somewhere so you may reinstall these again whenever you like in future. […]

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