Dorimanx-ROM-HIGH-END 2.7.6 – part 2

Today we will continue the Dorimanx-ROM-HIGH-END 2.7.6 review (Previous review here). Good news is that I’m still using it.

Better news is that I am liking it, and it feels smooth and fluid. However, will it deserves my star award? Will I accept it to be my partner for this whole week? Only time will tell.. let’s have a look at more reviews of Dorimanx 2.7.6 ROM, the dialer, strange RAM management,  storage, keyboard, messaging, and a whole lot more to be uncovered …

#5 – Dialer function

There is nothing much to say really as it is as plain as an Android can get. There are no Smart Dialling so don’t expect your contact list to pops out when you type their number or spelling out their names on your keypad. In short, there’s nothing out of the ordinary to cover in this part.

#6 – Free RAM and storage

We know that Android takes care of RAM in a dynamic way so there’s always room for new apps to run. However, getting more free / available RAM is quite important as well – because some new applications (especially games) require quite a huge amount of RAM available for it to load. However, this ROM is a bit … well … different …

After initial start, I went in to settings > applications > running services to see how much RAM I am left with. It’s a healthy 269MB which is pretty OK. However, as mentioned before, this ROM is a bit different from others as quoted by the developer

If you want to stay on HIGH END build then install good auto task killer and monitor your free ram. (advice use System Tuner Pro + Advanced Task Killer)
Internal Auto killer is DISABLED!!! so nothing will stop from rom to overload, so install custom auto killer. this is must!

Good thing I’ve created the 256MB SWAP. So after installed some applications and running a few, I went on to Terminal Emulator and run “free”

Urm, so yes I’ve used a lot of RAM and I’m only left with a few megabytes and have also make use of swap. But I don’t quite understand … when I go back to settings > applications > running services I can still see a huge amount of RAM which is available (and I didn’t use any task killer yet). Going into settings > about phone gives me another reading.. so I am quite puzzled. Maybe I just leave it and see what happens 😛

You don’t have to worry much about storage as if the application permits, you may move the application over to SD card with ease. I got roughly 255MB free internal storage on first boot.

#7 – Keyboards

Let me tell you I hate those keyboards which comes with arrow buttons. If someone know how to remove it, please leave a comment. Lucky that this ROM does not have that feature. I guess we are saved by Gingerbread having an awesome copy & paste and selective feature that we don’t (I hope never ever) see those arrow buttons again.

Keyboard is normal as it gets. Haptic feedback works … so there’s nothing much for me to say about it. It just … works!

#8 – Messaging

I won’t include any screenshots here because Messaging is as plain as it gets with Android. There are nothing special about this ROM, no customization done. However, I have not tried any MMS functions as of yet – If I do, then I may update it here should it worked or not.

Oh just a heads up. I will be on holiday soon (observing the Hari Raya)So my blog may be quiet for quite some time until I return. Remember this post? But I will be back, and there will be updates as normal for this one two days. So stick around because you never know what you may find 🙂 – for current and past ROM reviews, check out The ROMS specs page.



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