Top 10 most Public Holidays countries in the world

To everyone that celebrates ‘Hari Raya’, I wish you all safe journey back home. Drive carefully, and think of your loved ones (plus the police officer which are on guard with their speed trap devices!).

Come to think of it, let’s have a look at top 10 countries which have the most public holidays around the year and see if your country is on the list as well! And oh yes.. this site will be ‘dead’ for sometime.. for how long? Check the post out 😉

#1 – China

Almost everything is “made from China” – so these hardworking fellows deserved the most Public Holiday across the globe. With 16 PH that includes Chinese New Year, Spring Festival, and  Christmas, just to say a few. Maybe these PH motivates them to work harder? Who knows..

#2 – Egypt

The land of the desert, where it is dry and sunny throughout the year. Egypt actually has the same number of public holiday as China. I guess both of them sits together as countries with the most number of Public Holidays around the globe (and hey that camels deserves a rest!).

#3 – India

India used to have the most Public Holidays with 17 days total, however their government decreased it to 15 in 2008. What happened? Don’t ask me.

#4 – Indonesia

I’ve been to Indonesia before, it was OK. However there was a big gap between the poor and the rich. That was back in the early 2000, I hope things are better off now. It was a short trip, so I couldn’t explore much. But hearing about all the crisis and fanatics over there makes me a little bit scared to visit Indonesia for the time being. Although my brother often goes there and found no issues. So Indonesia have 15 days worth of Public Holidays throughout the year. Not bad.

#5 – Thailand

I’ve also been to Thailand before – crowded place. Cheap imitated goods, and great foods! Speaking of Thai’s food, there is one local restaurant in which I would like to recommend, however – that will be covered in my future blog of course! Thailand also have 15 days PH per year, mostly religious.

#6 – Morocco

I never went to Morocco, but speaking with a colleague of mine who originated from there says it’s quite a dangerous country with gangsters and mafia’s at large (However I have no idea if he’s faking it just so I don’t go there?). Morocco also have 15 days worth of PH a year, and I think those gangsters and mafia’s should take a break from it as well don’t ya think so?

#7 – Malaysia

Sitting at #7 is Malaysia with 14 days of Public Holiday all around the year which are mostly religious holidays as it is a multiracial country. So you’d expect Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Christmas, and many more so you don’t feel left out.

#8 – South Korea

With all those Korean’s drama out there, Koreans just have 13 days worth of PH per year. I guess they are busy making drama’s that they don’t need much holidays eh?

#9 – Chile

Seriously I don’t know much about Chile.. so I’ll just skip it before I bore myself. Chile also have 13 days worth of PH per year, but I don’t know why they have so few when they’re not doing anything much? Heh…

#10 – Turkey

Turkey, the crossroads between Europe and Asia? Nope.. never been there. Don’t know what’s exciting there as well.. except for the fact that Turkey also have 13 days worth of PH per year, and there used to be lots of snow there, but not anymore..

So is your country listed from the top 10 most Public Holiday countries in the world? If not, run off and take a vacation instead! And before I forgot, this site will be ‘dead’ for 2 weeks or so. Just a heads up so yes, no ROM reviews, no Android apps, no updates, nothing! I am going to spend some precious quality time with my family and yes I am ‘disconnecting’ myself for the time being.

I will also do some experiment getting away from technology (especially my handphone!). Let’s see how that turned up (and if that ever happens, hehe). So, how about me and you spend some quality times with our family this weekend shall we?



16 Responses to “Top 10 most Public Holidays countries in the world”

  1. Says:…

    […]Top 10 most Public Holidays countries in the world « Neato4u's Blog[…]…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Trinidad also has 14 public holidays!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I live in a country that observes 18-20 public holidays every year… your number 1 is China with 16.. Infact there are countries with as many as 26 PUBLIC holidays (and i am talking about nation wide public holidays) and ironically none of the countries you listed are among the actual top ten.

    • neato4u Says:

      Hi Someone, I may have an outdated info in regards to this article. Thanks for highlighting that. May I know from which country you are from?

  4. Lotos Eater Says:

    Sri Lanka has 26 Public Holidays. Religious holidays for 4 religions!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Trinidad and Tobago has 14 public holidays unless you include Carnival Monday and Tuesday which would make it 16, but even though no one goes to work and school is closed for those two days, it is not registered as an official public holiday.

  6. Isabella Says:

    Trinidad and Tobago has many holidays as well

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Cambodia celebrates 28 days of Public Holidays each year!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Your English is very bad. Please, take a break and work on it.

    • neato4u Says:

      I agree that my English is far from perfect and will continue to brush it up 😉 Thanks for the constructive feedback.

  9. pacman Says:

    The picture you have that is Singapore..not Malaysia…

  10. Anonymous Says:

    The picture showing MALAYSIA is not MALAYSIA itself, but SINGAPORE. That was a big mistake

  11. Anonymous Says:

    27 official public holidays in Cambodia this year

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