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Multitasking with Iphone

September 29, 2011

I am still on my ‘short break’ actually, but stumbled across a quite interesting application for the Iphone – the Cardswitcher.

So this is good news for Iphone users – sorry if this is old news but I hope you forgive me as a non Iphone fanboy. It’s available for $1.99 but I’m not quite sure how usable is it – and unfortunately it is not compatible with the Ipad (as of yet).

So there – the IOS – trying to get in par with Android once again.. urmm, so you know which side I am on.. *grin* 🙂


Flying over the earth

September 28, 2011

Our good ol earth.. not everyone can be up there to watch from up above.. so that’s why we have the internet, and Youtube 🙂

I will be on short break again, some family matters to attend. I guess you all know it by now I’m not a full time blogger, but of course, the blog will get itself updated .. urm .. soon .. or eventually 😛

Desktop / Laptop / Android / Iphone wallpapers?

September 27, 2011

Well here is a great site to share with all of you. Great that it is free, have tons of HD wallpaper images, and best of all it comes in multiple resolutions!

So you can have the same wallpaper on your desktop, laptop, (yes not forgetting dual monitors!) and your smartphones as well.

Head over to >

Playing back memories of your brain!

September 26, 2011

We are one step closer to stream video output from our brain to the television sets. Although right now it’s still in analogue (and the images are still not clear however we fine-tuned it), but someday I believe a HDMI format will be supported.

So is this real? It sure does. Some team of researches in UC Berkeley was able to ‘decode’ and create a visual representation of our brain when we watch TV (the youtube clip above) – next stop, visualizing what we see in our dreams (gulp). And then, maybe we won’t be needing any video recorder anymore. Just go anywhere, go back, wear a helmet, stream all those visuals to your computer and hit record!

Source from Engadget

Groupon spams!

September 25, 2011

A few weeks ago I subscribed to Groupon which give away these online coupons that entitles you for discounts (currently available in Klang, Selangor, Penang, Johor, and Sabah just joined in as well). I can’t remember when I subscribed, or how they manage to grab me to subscribe (Its not my usual nature to subscribe to anything!). However these coupons started to bore me.. and seeing myself as not a super-shopper.. I’ve decided to opt-out from Groupon.

Clicked the opt-out link and got into a dead page? So much for opting out.. they even got a form beside it to subscribe. Cheeky

So that’s it, this is going to my spam filter. Groupon sends about 2 or 3 emails per day, full of coupons.. I have no comments whether it’s a good deal or not, so if you guys are staying within their covered areas – I guess it’s no harm to checkout

Tembok ‘Yakjuj & Makjuj’ terbuka?

September 24, 2011

Assalamualaikum. Saya tertarik betul dengan Ustaz Shukri Harun ni.. bukan saja kuliah-kuliah yang disampaikannya berkait rapat dengan zaman kita pada masa ini, malahan sikap beliau yang terus menerus mengkaji dan membentangkan perihal yang pada saya ‘up-to-date’ membuatkan ramai jemaah tidak terhangguk-hangguk semasa kuliah 😉 Pun adalah di antara ustaz-ustaz yang moden (banyak mana sangat ustaz yang bawa iPhone dan iPad ke mesjid untuk refer masa beri kuliah) dan saya pun seronok juga melihat teknologi digunakan dalam perihal yang baik-baik begini.

Mengikuti kuliah-kuliah yang disampaikan oleh beliau dalam beberapa minggu ini, menyentuh bab yang agak hangat diperkatakan iaitu mengenai ‘Yakjuj & Makjuj‘. Mengikut kajian dan penelitian beliau, Yakjuj & Makjuj telah pun bebas dari penjara ‘tembok’nya. Senang kata, bumi dah tua, kiamat dah hampir (malahan pada zaman Baginda Rasululllah s.a.w pun baginda nyatakan “usia bumi ketika itu ibarat seorang tua yang sudah bertongkat“). Jadi marilah sama-sama kita perbanyakkan amalan, gunakan kelebihan-kelebihan yang ada pada kita (teknologi, internet, dsb) untuk perkara-perkara yang mendatangkan manfaat dan kebaikan. Kerana samada kita masih hidup atau tidak semasa Dajjal memerintah, semasa semua penduduk bumi dalam kesusahan dan kepayahan, semasa kiamat.. itu semua tidak pasti, kerana yang pastinya adalah kita semua bakal menemui mati (ajal, maut).

Untuk bacaan lanjut – sila kunjungi

Digi – you should not throttle your old customers!

September 21, 2011

My apologies everyone. I’ve been quite busy these days, also looking for my fourth source of income (Who said you gotta stick to one?).

Anyway, my mobile provider cum my mobile ISP – Digi is starting to sucks …

I switched over to Digi from Maxis just because they were offering ‘unlimited internet’ at a cheaper rate than Maxis of course. However with all this capping, I am looking for other alternatives. But hey, that is not the only reason that I’m looking to run away. I’ve also ported my wife from Maxis to Digi, and two of my sister over to Digi as well – which I claimed “Digi is the best” – However lately, myself and a few others been getting weak reception, delay in SMS.. I can’t even receive calls the other day although my bar was full – and it affected me much! Digi, you know I had high hopes on you, but as with relationship – you can’t go doing the same mistakes over and over again.

I heard some old Maxis users on unlimited plan, got to keep their plans for being loyal with Maxis. Why can’t Digi do the same yet impose the new ‘restriction’ to their old customers?

So I think being ‘loyal’ means nothing to them?

Let’s see what else we have in store then…

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