Digi – you should not throttle your old customers!

My apologies everyone. I’ve been quite busy these days, also looking for my fourth source of income (Who said you gotta stick to one?).

Anyway, my mobile provider cum my mobile ISP – Digi is starting to sucks …

I switched over to Digi from Maxis just because they were offering ‘unlimited internet’ at a cheaper rate than Maxis of course. However with all this capping, I am looking for other alternatives. But hey, that is not the only reason that I’m looking to run away. I’ve also ported my wife from Maxis to Digi, and two of my sister over to Digi as well – which I claimed “Digi is the best” – However lately, myself and a few others been getting weak reception, delay in SMS.. I can’t even receive calls the other day although my bar was full – and it affected me much! Digi, you know I had high hopes on you, but as with relationship – you can’t go doing the same mistakes over and over again.

I heard some old Maxis users on unlimited plan, got to keep their plans for being loyal with Maxis. Why can’t Digi do the same yet impose the new ‘restriction’ to their old customers?

So I think being ‘loyal’ means nothing to them?

Let’s see what else we have in store then…


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3 Responses to “Digi – you should not throttle your old customers!”

  1. Ismail Badli Says:

    Same here. Heard that umobile is upping up their ante with their latest offering. Ditching digi soon..very soon

  2. neato4u Says:

    Heard that too with them offering some dual chip dongle or something.. their postpaid and prepaid mobile data plan is also worth looking for.. I may jump ship.. just maybe.. don’t know when yet 🙂

  3. Ismail Badli Says:

    yeah bro…umobile is aggresively pricing their products nowdays. It’s positioning itself as a value product for poor sods like me.

    Come to think about it, umobile is now exactly just like digi 15 years back when digi offered rock bottom rates for their prepaid and postpaid packages. I remembered buying a celcom prepaid sim at 175 bucks back them. Craazzyyy….

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