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Cat and their invisible …

October 31, 2011

Here’s a compilation of cats with their invisible…



Parents today

October 24, 2011

2011 – I want to be the parents of 1969…

So that my kids grew up well mannered like us – not like (some) youngsters these days…

Career planning

October 23, 2011

Solat sunat syukur

October 16, 2011

1. Apabila kita mendapat sesuatu kenikmatan atau sesuatu yang dihajati atau mencapai kejayaan, maka sewajarnya kita bersyukur kepada Allah SWT dengan mendirikan solat.

2. Dua rakaat atau seberapa banyak, tetapi dikerjakan dua rakaat pada tiap-tiap satu salam.

3. Waktunya pada bila-bila masa, tetapi bukan dalam waktu yang ditegah solat.

4. Lafaz dan niat:

Usholli sunnatash shukri rak’ataini lillahi taala.

Maksudnya: Sahaja aku solat sunat syukur dua rakaat kerana Allah Taala.

5. Selepas memberi salam, bacalah doa-doa kesyukuran di antaranya seperti berikut:

Maksudnya: Ya Allah, baikkanlah keberkesanan perbuatan kami dalam segala urusan dan selamatkanlah kami dari kehinaan dunia dan azab akhirat.

Ya Allah, tunjukkanlah kami kepada perkara yang benar itu adalah benar dan pandulah kami supaya mengikutinya; dan tunjukkanlah kami perkara yang batil itu adalah batil supaya kami meninggalkannya.

Life, there are no resits.

October 15, 2011

‘ISLAM’ is a ‘school’
‘DUNIA’ is a ‘Class’
‘WE’ are ‘Student’
‘QURAN’ is ‘Syllabus’
‘SOLAT’ is ‘Practical’
… ‘MUHAMMAD (S.A.W)’ is ‘teacher’
‘ALLAH’ is Examiner’
‘Qiamat’ is date of ‘Result’
‘Jannah’ is the best ‘reward’.

Are you a Hardcore gamer?

October 15, 2011

Talking about hardcore.. have a look at this avid gamer from Thailand..

So, do you think that you’re hardcore enough after watching that?

Postponed Galaxy Nexus Announcement

October 9, 2011

It looks like Samsung have decided to postponed the announcement of it’s brand new Galaxy Nexus in the event in respect of Steve Jobs’ recent passing

Galaxy Nexus is the first (official) Android to be equipped with the new OS – Ice Cream Sandwich. If the speculated specs is true, Galaxy Nexus would be on top of the Android chain (stepping up to the Samsung Galaxy S 2 / SGS2) with a 1.5Ghz Dual Core CPU, a Dual Core GPU (maybe a PowerVR SGX543MP2), 8MP camera, 1080p camcorder, a huge capacity 2050mAh battery (we hope this meets our expectation as power users) and a 4.65″ big resolution screen…

But then, I’ve seen some dual cores with ‘laggy’ UI and not that great camera and other things which only looked spectacular on paper. However, being that Samsung has gained a lot of reputation with it’s SGS2, we hope that the Galaxy Nexus will match and exceed most of our expectation – with an exception to the price that is…

China’s richest village

October 9, 2011

Featured in the youtube video below is Huaxi Village.

Huaxi village (or better known as the No. 1 village in China) is the most richest village in China. It’s a village where everyone lives in their high ranked villa, own at least a car, and everyone have $250,000 dollars or more in the bank.

However, all these luxury comes with a price – they all work 7 days a week, holidays are scarce, even bars and restaurants close by 10pm so villagers don’t overslept and be late to work, and if villagers opt to leave – then they lose everything…

Talk about real life attributes… they have so much and lose so much as well…

This is a very awesome waterfall

October 9, 2011

Check it out! This is awesome.

Real Life Attributes and skill points #2

October 3, 2011

So I have mentioned in my previous post “You need to identify YOUR skill points for every attributes first”

You know what your skill point is for every attributes mentioned before (don’t lie), in fact, you very well know it yourself. But sometimes you can be wrong. Very wrong! If you are a complete failure (if you feel it, you know it, don’t lie!) then let someone close to you plot these current points for your attributes based on their observation and understanding of yourself. Because if your life is full of failures, then your smart-ass brainy skill point is so low that you can’t even think what is right for yourself. So do yourself a favor and let your close family member or friend do it for you – HONESTLY – please.

So fill up your attributes with whatever you liked (or use my sample here) and make up a total point possible (as the maximum points). Then what you do – zero out all attributes, and distribute them based on your character. The total must be equivalent to your maximum points after distribution. It would be a lot simpler if you do this on Excel. For Total, put up a formula =120-SUM(B1:B6) so once you’ve used all of your points, total will show 0.

For example :

Be humble and distribute your points accordingly. If you feel that all of your attributes are so well off, either you are the perfect beings on this earth or you just lied to yourself (unknowingly?). Anyway, once you have your skill points assigned, then it is time to structure it to your liking – whilst limiting it to the number of maximum skill points that you have.

Let’s take the above as an example. This character have lots of time to himself, but he does not have much wealth nor have position (rank) in his company / organization perhaps. And now is the time to :


What do you want really? More wealth? A more healthy life perhaps? Ah yes, everybody wants those.. but you need to remember, there is a price to pay. At the expense of your other attribute skill points that is.

So you decide, if you want more wealth and position, that will come under the expense of your time – logically, yes?

So subtract your time, and gave that points to wealth and position. But don’t stop there, as with the rise in position and increase of wealth will trigger a chain reaction (which you will have no control over, so beware), you may not be able to have that much of bonding with your family anymore (so subtract!) but the increase of wealth will bring you more happiness (perhaps and logically).

These are all stats on paper (or monitors if you’re viewing from one) but this is REAL STATS and yes you can change them! Of course these can’t be done in a day, and you don’t expect to earn 1 million dollar just by subtracting your time points – Because you need to realize, it is only UP TO THE MAXIMUM AVAILABLE POINTS WHICH YOU HAVE. And that my friend, we have no idea about how many actual points that we really have, or whether that points worth the same point when transferred into a different attributes (yes, it could be – eg. 1 point in time may equal to 10 points in wealth when transferred over).

While some of you may say this method is crazy or I am simply talking rubbish, I’ve seen the logical being in these .. I don’t even know what to say or name it .. It’s just that my nature that it is very hard for me to stop thinking – which prior to this, the only way for me to stop thinking is by going to sleep! However I have learned how to control, by being relax, being closer to God, attentive whilst praying, that gave me more control to lower my brain processing activities – up to the part where I lost most of my intelligence skills – at the cost of relaxation and a few perks which I will not mention or bore you any further.

So if you think your life has been taking you ‘autopilot‘ all these years, it’s time to grab that stick and do some manual maneuver.

From my personal experience, this method worked for me … so that is why I blog these, so I may share it to all of you.
As with what my blog tagline is “The best is to share, not to keep!

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